Golf Lessons By Tom Ward

Meet Tom Ward

Residing in the Ft. Worth, Texas area when not globetrotting around the world staging high energy golf clinics which entertain, and educate golfers from all levels of abilities. His prowess as an instructor is about to be showcased through a series of Golf Instructional books, and videos to be released in 1999! Tom is writing these educational golf books with best selling sports author Peter Golenboch (The Bronx Zoo/Personal Fouls/Cowboys have always been my Heroes/The Last Lap), to name just a few of his book titles. Tom has taught a variety of golfers over the years ranging from beginners to P.G.A. Tour players. He has also given pointers to 3 former U.S. Presidents, and numerous hollywood actors/actresses.

Tom's ability to communicate to his pupils the proper fundamentals is showcased through his dedicated efforts with the physically challenged. He has reworked the games of golfer's with polio, prosthetics, loss of sight, and other disabilities, allowing each to reach their desired goals.

However, his greatest strength is building a strong junior program where the students will establish good habits, and a solid work ethic that will require minimum amounts of maintenance throughout the years. He has taught boys/girls in several foreign countries that have won titles in their respective age groups, and many are on their way to playing golf at the collegiate level through scholarships.

"People work hard climbing the ladder of success only to realize it's leaning on the wrong side of the Wall". Make sure you utilize your time in your practice sessions wisely to insure your creating good habits, that will result in proper execution on the course leading to a rewarding outcome. If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the game please contact me, and together we will get you back on track. Here's hoping you stay on the happy side of Par!


Tom does many corporate golf outings, trick shot exhibitions, as well as private instruction. You can contact him at TPWARD@HOME.COM or 817-498-8147 (fax) and, in the U.S. toll free 1-800-387-0980. Also, you can inquire about the exciting Golf vacations being offered by Global Golf Adventures to exotic locations such as Puerto Vallarta, where Tom has lived since 1981 during the winter months.