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Keeping the ball in play.

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Projecting to the target during the swing will not only help create accuracy, but encourage the body motions to swing the clubhead to and through the ball towards the target.

Learning how to aim is vital if your to have success in scoring. The clubface is the only thing that will make contact with the ball, therefore the clubface should be aimed towards the target with the shoulders paralleling the target line. Do not take the stance first. The feet do not hit the ball, so line up the clubface first, and then take your stance.

The target is not always the center of the fairway or green. To setup the next shot the target could be to the left or right of the fairway. Ball flight differs between players. If a player fades his tee shot, the target would be to the left of center of the fairway. If he draws the ball, the target would be right of center.One good point here is to always aim away from trouble on the course whenever possible. If there is trouble on the right, tee on the right side of the teeing area. Do the opposite if the trouble is on the left. In other words,tee the ball on the side the trouble is.

On shots to the green line up to the center of the green. If the ball should fade or draw,you are still on the green. This is a good rule of thumb, however if your highly skilled then hit the shot fading or drawing that your comfortable with as part of your arsenal. Keep the ball in play and avoid the penalties and difficult lies, and positions that will cause you to score those nasty high numbers during your round.

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Onaway Golf Package
Dates: any time
This offer includes 2 Nights accommodations and 4 Rounds of golf at Gaylord County Club, Black Lake Golf Club, Little Course at Black Lake Golf Club and Michaywe Pines Golf Club.
Price range: $184