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Good Grip (hands) leads to good wrist action.

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Wrist action accounts for 90 percent of bad shots. Why is this so common? The natural way to control the club is with the hands and any attempt to use the hands encourages breaking of the wrists. To explain wrist action: There are two directions the wrists can move in the golf swing. That is the forward/backward or up and down. I am going to refer to the forward/backward action as the breaking of the wrists. The up/down as the hinging of the wrists. Some teachers call the up/down movements cocking the wrists.

This is one reason that the grip is so important. A faulty grip encourages breaking. One does not have to learn this up/down (hinging) if the grip is correct, and the left arm is in the correct position the hinging will be automatic. . The legs moving forward while the club is still traveling backwards forces the wrists to hinge.

In order for this action to happen keep the left wrist flat in relation to the back of the left forearm and the back of the left hand. It's as simple as that. If the left arm is in the correct position the wrists will hinge, if not there will be a breaking motion. Don't try to cultivate an independent wrist motion. Let it be natural. Swinging the club back farther than shoulder turn forces the wrists into a cupping(breaking)position. Result: A throwing motion.

Next lesson: still more on wrist action.

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