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"Seek first to Understand, and then to be understood"

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In my Golf seminars, I usually start out with this wonderful quote to make a point. Knowing that different words mean different things to different people, it's critical that the teacher and student are on the same page in order to reach the objectives collectively that each desires, which are getting the player to reach their goals they have set, and for the instructor to impart his or her knowledge to the student which will make an everlasting impression leading to a successful conclusion for both parties. I find it's incredibly important that I have an understanding of what my students have been exposed to, and their impressions, and interpretations on what they feel are attempting to do by taking up the game. The descriptions they give me allow me to create a greater understanding on where they are coming from, and how best to approach them in a way that they can learn most efficently. The biggest problem in learning is communication! In future articles I will deal with this subject at greater length.

In teaching the golfswing, I cannot repeat too many times how to learn to make the major moves necessary to create the proper motion that swings the club in the best plane for each individual. I try not to teach a lot of things. I teach a few things a lot of times. If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the game please contact me at 1-800-387-0980 or e-mail me at TPWARD@SWBELL. NET.

Finally, I will leave you with a poem that may help put things in perspective when it comes to learning the game:

"Oh, It's easy to think he'll solve all my ills,
with only one lesson, and without any pills,
But remember, Dear Golfers, when your close to tears,
you can't learn in an hour what has taken him years."
Onaway Golf Package
Dates: any time
This offer includes 2 Nights accommodations and 4 Rounds of golf at Gaylord County Club, Black Lake Golf Club, Little Course at Black Lake Golf Club and Michaywe Pines Golf Club.
Price range: $184