Chris BaldwinThis Week at Mar. 01, 2006

Michelle Wie's watch sell
worse than any TO Sharpie

If NFL bad boy Terrell Owens acted like Michelle Wie did at the Fields Open, he'd be getting ripped from San Francisco to Philadelphia. All over again.

But because it's the lovable Wie, it's not even discussed.

When skier Bode Miller scoffs at the importance of victory, he becomes a national punchline. When Michelle Wie does it - well, she's just a fun-spirited teenager!

Confused as Pete Rose in a self-dignity seminar or Dennis Rodman in a convent? You should be if you only relied on the mainstream media (there's a phrase you can't say without feeling like a Republican!) for your Fields Open coverage.

The men and women of the Wie-adoring press completely overlooked one of the most extreme plays of crass commercialism in sports history. There Wie was shamelessly pimping for her new Omega watch sponsor in her post-tourney press conference when she was supposed to be talking about doing just enough not to win again. Heck, she could have declared that that final-round 66 should vault her to the No. 1 spot in the most ridiculous rankings in sports.

Anything but what she actually did - which is show off her new watch. The diamond-encrusted one an Omega flack just happened to give her before the final round.

"It's sparkly," Wie said. "I kept checking the time like every five minutes."

Imagine Terrell Owens waxing poetic about his new diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co. at the podium after a game. And, oh yeah, those Tiffany's dudes just signed me to a fat endorsement contract!

TO would be crucified. Mel Gibson might even be called in to provide the special effects.

Michelle Wie merrily smiles away, with another check in her back pocket. Sure, the Winless Wonder is now 0 for 32 in pro tournaments. But who cares when you can pull off stunts like this?

Not Michelle Wie. Apparently, if you put enough zeroes on a check she will smile all sweetly and put on the hard sell. When she's supposed to be talking about golf. Or her latest chemistry test (to remind everyone she's really not old enough to be worrying about winning). Anything but this ...

It all shouldn't really come as a surprise. Michelle Wie's been reared and carefully molded for the express purpose of making as much money as possible, right down to ducking competitors in her "amateur" career.

Even I didn't know Michelle Wie was this good though. Omega must be so proud.

Give me Bode Miller any day.

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