The Golf Rules Dictionary

The Golf Rules Dictionary

Rules Explained:

Worldgolf is pleased to provide excerpts from The Golf Rules Dictionary. Author Hadyn Rutter's work has established itself as the standard reference book on the rules of golf and other related decision amongst amateur golfers of all abilities throughout the world.

As an international commercial lawyer and professional organiser of golf tournaments, Hadyn Rutter has combined his considerable and unique knowledge of interpreting legal rules and regulations with a practical knowledge of the rules and procedural problems of golf. As a keen but average golfer, Hadyn is well used to encountering challenges such as being out of bounds, in bunkers, water hazards, lateral water hazards and the like.

The result is The Golf Rules Dictionary - written initially as a personal, easy reference manual for the author's own benefit because there were too many rules to remember, and even as a lawyer he found difficulty in understanding some of the rules of golf!

Hadyn's most embarrassing shot occurred when playing in distinguished company at the Old Course St. Andrews, Scotland. A short chip to the 18th green was completely mis-hit and was stopped by the roof of the caddie master's hut at the back of the green. As Hadyn pondered his next move in front of approximately 100 spectators watching at the back of the green, a hand appeared from the crowd and rolled the ball back onto the green to about two feet from the hole! Still not knowing what to do next, he sank the putt for a par 4! This defining moment spurred on The Golf Rules Dictionary, fulfilling a need for an understandable version of the rules of golf.

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