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End of the Year Pop Quiz

All right, class, this year¹s golf season is nearing its close. That means it¹s time for a pop quiz!

Okay, enough with the moaning. Backs straight, pencils ready, you may begin now.

1. The 2001 tour campaign saw Tiger Woods suffer a rare mid-season slump. A "slump" in Tiger¹s case meant he:

  • (a) missed the cut twice in a row;
  • (b) finished out of the top 10 in five consecutive tournaments;
  • (c) three-putted a hole.
2. This year¹s U.S. Open champ was from another country and had a name no one seemed to be able to pronounce. He was:
  • (a) Shingo Katayama;
  • (b) Retief Goosen;
  • (c) Julio Iglesias.
3. Controversy continued over new club technology that gave metal drivers a so-called "trampoline" effect. This meant the clubs could:
  • (a) Turn par-fives into par-4s
  • (b) Turn par-fours into par-3s;
  • (c) Turn my playing partners into arrogant long-hitting sons-of-bitches.
4. Phil "The Thrill" Mickelson won twice so far this year. But he still carries the burden of being:
  • (a) The best player to have never won in July;
  • (b) The best player to have never won a major;
  • (c) The best player to have never worn polyester.
5. During his final-round march to the PGA Championship, David Toms made a controversial play. To everyone¹s surprise he:
  • (a) Used his driver to chip;
  • (b) Used an iron to lay up on the par-4 18th;
  • (c) Used a putter to "kneecap" Tiger Woods.
6. The much-anticipated Ryder Cup was postponed until next year because;
  • (a) Inclement weather in Britain;
  • (b) The Sept. 11th terrorist attacks;
  • (c) Everyone had "something already on" that weekend.
7. After five years of erratic play John Daly emerged as one of this season¹s hottest competitors. Daly credited his success to:
  • (a) a more relaxed home life;
  • (b) dedication and hard work;
  • (c) the fact he wasn¹t spending most Sundays in rehab.
8. This year saw a somewhat anti-climactic made-for-TV golf event which featured Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb and David Duval. The event was dubbed:
  • (a) The Brawl at Bighorn;
  • (b) The Battle at Bighorn;
  • (c) The Bogus Baloney at Bighorn.
Okay, pencils down, please. If you answered (b) correctly to all the questions above, then you should really, really try to get off the couch and out of the house on weekends.

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