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Buyers Guide to Golf Equipment
By Garry Beaton

If you want to play your best golf your golf clubs must fit you!

Golfers don't look athletic. They are tall, short, stout, thin, strong, weak, fast, slow, young, middle aged, senior, very athletic, somewhat athletic, beginners, occasional, experienced, avid, professional, good, bad and everything in between.

A mid handicap golfer can't effectively use the same equipment as a scratch golfer. A beginner would find it difficult to learn to play with the same clubs as experienced player, a 100 lb. woman won't be able to use the same clubs as a 200 lb. man, a 60 year old will find it hard to play with the clubs used by a 25 year old, and a person that hits a ball 250 yards can't use the same equipment as a person that only hits it 150 yards.

Golf is the most difficult sport in the world to play and there is no reason to make it harder by using poorly suited equipment. It doesn't matter what brand you buy or if you buy from a pro shop, golf equipment store, custom club fitter or the classified ads, just make sure the equipment suits you when you buy it.

While this may sound complicated it really isn't if you know a few simple thing about golf clubs. What we will try to do is provide some guidelines that apply to all brands and any source you may get them from. Start out by having your swing speed and tempo measured. Swing speeds are measured in miles per hour just like any other speed and will range anywhere from about 50 to 120 MPH unless you are the world long drive champion or Tiger Woods. Any pro shop,golf shop or clubfitter will have a device to measure your speed and tempo. This should be done using a driver, take about 15 minutes and usually won't cost anything if the person is at all interested in your business. Then apply this information to the clubs you want and you will have a good start to the correct equipment.

Terms Used
In our recommendations we use some terms that you may not be familiar with so here are explanations for most of those terms.

  • Swing speed - measured with a 43 inch long driver
  • Ultra lite graphite shaft - weighs 45 to 55 grams
  • Lite graphite shaft - weighs 56 to 70 grams - Lite steel weighs - 100 to 119 grams
  • Regular graphite shaft - weighs 71 to 90 grams - Reg. steel - weighs 120 to 130 grams
  • Heavy graphite shaft - weighs - 91 to 120 grams - Titanium shaft - weighs 98 to 110 grams
  • Degrees of loft - refers to the angle of the club face compared to flat
  • Additional woods - in addition to a driver to make up a suitable set for any golfer
  • Same shaft - the same weight as suggested for the driver
  • Iron lofts - example using a 5 iron for comparison
    28 degrees for high flight trajectory
    27 degrees for med. flight trajectory
    26 degrees for lower flight trajectory
  • Set make up - The suggested club assortment for your swing speed
  • PW - pitching wedge, more lofted than a 9 iron and usually 48 degree of loft
  • MW mid wedge, fits between a PW & SW, usually 52 degrees of loft
  • SW - sand wedge, designed to help get out of sand and short shots, usually 56 degrees of loft
  • MW for very short shots that stop quickly, usually 60 degrees or more of loft

Driver Swing Speed and Suggested Clubs in a Set
Swing Speed Shaft Driver Loft Additional Woods Shaft Loft Set Make Up
50 to 60 MPH Ultralite graphite 15 degrees 5-7-9 Same High 7-8-9-PW-SW
61 to 70 MPH -Ultralite graphite 13 degrees 3-5-7-9 Same High 6-7-8-9-PW-SW
71 to 80 MPH Lite graphite or
Lite Steel
12 degrees -3-5-7 Same Mid -5-6-7-8-9-PW-SW
81 to 90 MPH Lite graphite or
Lite steel
11 degrees 3-5-7 Reg. graphite or
Lite steel
Mid 4-5-6-7-8-9-PW-SW
and or MW-LW
91 to 100 MPH Reg. graphite or
Lite Steel
10 degrees 3-5 Reg. graphite
or Reg steel
Mid 3-4-5-6-7-8-9
PW-SW and or
101 to 110 MPH Heavy graphite
or Reg steel
9 degrees 3 Heavy graphite
Reg. steel
or Titanium
Low 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9
111 Plus MPH Heavy graphite
Heavy steel
or Titanium
8 degrees 3 X-Heavy graphite
Heavy Steel
or Titanium
Low 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9
PW-SW-LW or drop
one club for a MW
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