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Overlooking Golf Basics is a Bad Gamble
By Pat Dolan

Ray Floyd lost a seniors golf tournament a few years back when he hit balls into the water on two consecutive holes. When asked about what had happened his explanation was something like, "As a professional for over 30 years you would think I could figure out why, under pressure, I tend to block my shots." (A blocked shot for Ray would send his ball off to his right.)

He continued, "Fortunately I finally figured it out on the last hole. My second shot into the 18th green proved it. It was simply a case of crowding the ball (standing too close). All I did was step back a couple of inches and I was able to correct it."

Over the years I witnessed the demise of many excellent golf swings simply because the players took a complicated view of their swings. They tried to correct their problem by various mechanical movements rather than searching the basics.

Simply put, one of the first basics every golfer learns is where in the stance he or she needs to position the ball for the best results.

For example, if a golfer continues to hit behind the ball, then simply moving the ball back in their stance often corrects it. Amazingly topped shots could also be the result of the ball being placed too far forward in their stance and it too is easily corrected by simply moving the ball backwards.

Another example is, if he or she is hitting shots off of the toe or heel of the clubface they can simply move farther away from or closer to the ball to correct it.

Notice in the above examples, major problems were easily solved simply by following one of golfs basic lessons.

Therefore I urge all my readers to, first and foremost, try moving the ball's position in your stance before ever trying to change your swing. It only takes a few minutes and they may be the best minutes you ever spend. Look at how fast it worked for Ray.

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