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I'm currently playing off a three handicap in Adelaide, Australia and have experienced a problem that has been re-occuring for too long!!! My short game or should I say lack of short game has caused me to get distressed and lose interest.

My short game including chips, pitches and bunker shots are great in practice but on the course in competition, I blade them, hit them fat and do all types of crap that I can't even imagine possible!!!

This problem has been around for a few years and I have contemplated giving up but I really want to turn Pro and have the long game. I know that if this problem is fixed that I will be well on the way to my dreams.

Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Please any help.


Hi, Gavin:

Thanks for your email inquiry. I have two immediate suggestions that will be helpful:

(1) Read the article Transferring Your Driving Range Ability To The Course

Follow the instructions but instead of imagining practicing driving, imagine practicing your bunker shots, chipping and pitching. Then imagine transferring your practice (mechanical and psychological) abilities to your bunker shots, chipping and pitching abilities to the course.

(2) Consider purchasing my Integrating Mind and Body for Better Golf: Driving tape ($19.95 + postage on or When listening, as above, follow the instructions; substituting bunker shots, chipping, and pitching for tee box and driving.

(3) Check any of the three web sites in a week or so. I will write an article "Transferring Your Short Game Practice Abilities To The Golf Course." The article will make it easier for you and other golfers to follow.

Doing (1), (2) or (3) will be very helpful. Guaranteed!!!

Heck, let me add a fourth. (4) Get your club to sponsor a workshop. I'll give the workshop after which you can have a customized, individual session. Most helpful. Guaranteed!!!

Dr. Nick

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