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Meditation for Golfers?

by Nick Rosa, Ph.D

Have you tried meditation to improve your golf game? "You've got to be kidding!" is a typical response. However, after understanding the benefits derived from as little as 10 minutes of meditation, most golfers are willing to give it a try. And, as a reward, they find their enjoyment of the game increasing and their handicaps decreasing.

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Why? Because among the benefits are a reduction in blood lactate levels and a regulation of blood pressure which translate into the golfer being more apt to be in a relaxed flow and less apt to boil over emotionally as a result of a missed putt or errant shot. Brain wave synchronization, another benefit, enables a golfer to be clear headed and more mentally focused. The regulation of cardiovascular and biochemical functioning top off the benefits that enhance a general feeling of well being and enjoyment of the game.

For best results meditate anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour before you are scheduled to tee off. Here's all you have to do:

(1) Commit yourself to meditate for a minimum of ten minutes.

(2) Find a place where you can be free from sudden interruptions. A quiet place at home or in your car is desirable but not necessary; a chair in the corner of the locker room will work fine as long as you are willing to keep your eyes closed for at least ten minutes despite surrounding activity.

(3) Choose a simple, calming, word such as "calm", "peace", "relax" (your mantra) to repeat mentally during the amount of time you've committed yourself to.

(4) Sit in an upright position, gently close your eyes and repeat your mantra mentally for your committed amount of time. At the end of your time period, stop repeating your mantra, wait a minute and open your eyes.

That's all there is to it.

Please note that, during meditation, sometimes you will forget to repeat your mantra and your mind will wander off for varying periods of time. This is to be expected. If you are like most people, you may find that your mind wanders off many times in one sitting. Notwithstanding, when you realize that your mind has wandered off into reverie or daydreaming, you simply go back and begin repeating your mantra again.

Meditating ten minutes will give you all of the benefits mentioned above; twenty minutes will maximize the benefits. Give it a try! Meditating will enhance your play and your enjoyment of the game.

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