Golf Tips from the pros

How should I practice? Let me count the ways. Part 2

Tim Peighal,
Director of Operations,
Summit Golf Academy,
Port Orange, Florida

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Now that we are practicing wisely lets make sure we focus.
When you are working on swing mechanics or tempo or technique or awareness remember to work on one thing per one swing. Don't try and do to much with one swing. Lets say you've chosen three areas to work on during a particular session. Hit five shots working on number one only then five working on number two only then five working on number three only. Then go back to one and so on. This is called circular learning and it will be much more productive and you will pay closer attention to what you're doing. Sometimes practicing can get boring and you will get distracted, this will help you keep your focus.

Start changing your targets and switching clubs
After you've accomplished your goals for that secession and you're satisfied with the motion, start changing your targets and switching clubs. Practice hitting shots to targets that bother you on the golf course. Like a back left pin position or a far right position. If you can hit the shot on the range you can hit it on the course. Also get used to switching clubs when you practice. Hit a driver then hit a 7 iron, hit a driver then a three wood ect., just like on the course. This will help you maintain tempo from club to club. Don't just practice with one club. Very seldom do you hit thirty or forty 5 irons in a row on the course. The time to practice is when you are striking the ball well because that is what you are trying to condition. When you are hitting it poorly is the time to seek professional advice.

You want to make your practice sessions as enjoyable as possible, so do what you can to make it fun. After all, you are working very hard to play a GAME better, so enjoy.

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