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Posture And Balance

Mike Mathers,
CPGA Professional,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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When I was asked to put together a pro tip for World Golf, many ideas came to me that I wanted to pass on to all golfers.

After some thought, I got away from the quick fix idea and more into the idea of the fundamental swing. From a professional point of view, I find that most golfers use far too much effort to get little result. I would like to see golfers reverse this so that they get the results with minimal effort.

Time and time again, when I'm on my way to the lesson tee, I look down at the practice tee and see people hitting bucket after bucket with poor posture and off balance in the backswing,impact position, finish position or all three. It is so important to have good posture and to be in good balance for the golf swing to work in an efficient manner.

If you promise yourself one thing from reading this pro tip, please let it be that you will go to a professional and spend some time just working on your posture and your balance so that you can work on it at home in front of a mirror.

The time that you spend on this will pay you much greater dividends than pounding balls at the range. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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