Golf Tips from the pros

Aim Your Feet Correctly To Hit The Target

Dave O'Connor,
Director of Golf,
Sconti Golf Club,
Big Canoe, Georgia, USA.

The reason most players hit the ball to the right of their target is because they aim to the right of the target. What determines where the ball is going to go before the golfer swings the club? The player's feet determine where the ball is going to go.

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If a player wants to hit the ball at the flag, he must aim his feet parallel to the target. This means they must aim their feet left of the target, NOT AT THE TARGET. The only thing going to the hole is the ball - not your feet. Your feet, hips and shoulders must aim parallel (and left) of the target. This will allow you to swing the club around your body and at the target without your body getting in the way.

If you do not align your body parallel and left of the target you should not even swing the club. You will be setting yourself up for a bad swing. If you aim your feet and body right of the target you will do one of two things. If you hit a good solid shot it will usually go way left of the target. If you do not hit the shot very solid, the ball will usually start somewhere toward the target then slide to the right. It is very difficult to hit a straight shot if you do not set up properly.

How do you check your alignment? When? While you practice or after you hit a shot, get into your address position and place the shaft of your club on the ground so the shaft is touching the toes of your left and right foot. Next, walk behind the club laying on the ground and see which way it is pointing. Make sure you walk at least 15 feet behind the club on the ground. The further back behind the club you get, the easier you will be able to see where you are aiming. When you are practicing, you do this every 4-5 shots. I will bet anything that within 4 to 5 shots, you will be aiming right of the target. It will take you 3 or 4 practice sessions to get comfortable with this alignment process.

Something that will help you align properly to the target is to stay bent over at the waist every time you look at the target. DO NOT STAND UP AT THE WAIST AND LOOK AT THE TARGET. If you stay bent over and turn your chin (without lifting your chin) to the side to look at the target you will most likely line up parallel to the target. If you stay bent over and turn your chin to the side and your shoulder is in your view of the target, this will tell you that you are aiming to the right of the target. At this point you must move your feet to the left (if you are a right handed golfer) until you can see the target without lifting your body.

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