Get rid of the slice,
but keep the distance
with Zevo's new driver

By David Weiss,
Senior Contributor

TEMECULA, Calif. (Nov. 14, 2002) -- When I first got wind of the Zevo driver, my initial response was: What were these guys smoking when they named the company? You don't call a golf club a Zevo, a Zoomstick or a Zapper! You give it a mysterious series of letters and numbers and use a gentlemanly font that reflects the age-old traditions of the game. Emblazoning a lightning-bolt on the clubhead! Why, that's heresy!

Well, hush my mouth. I got a demo club a few months ago and immediately informed the good folks at Zevo that I'd changed my address and that they should contact Interpol if they wanted their coveted club back! Zevo.....hmm, the name is growing on me!

The fellers chuckled a bit as I withdrew the titanium monster from its scabbard, me with my reputation as a wild, flailing, distance-seeking driver of the golf ball. They laughed again at the sound of Zevo, not the effeminate, tinny 'PLOINK' of most hollow-headed metals, but a resounding "TAWNK' courtesy of the Zylon (a 'superfiber') rod that 'pre-loads' the Zevo to 12,500 psi of tension!

As I quipped to my pals when their laughter turned to concerned murmurs over the distance of my drive: "Just don't hold it near a fire, the bad boy might explode!"

Between the wacky fuse and the titanium clubface, something about Zevo does amount to greater distance off the tee, but even better, I find I am imparting less spin to the ball and hitting a straighter drive than usual. I'm still adjusting to having lost my patented 'power fade' and am now aiming down the middle instead of the left side of the fairway. And with no regrets!


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Zevo comes in lofts from 8 degrees to 11.5, has a 'compression coil' zylon/graphite shaft that more than absorbs the impact of the exploding clubhead. The club sets up beautifully behind the ball, looking kind of like the Taylor 320, which I'd hit happily enough until Zevo came buzzsawing though my placid golf life.

The practical result of all this high-tech innovation is that it lets a mid-capper like myself (with an admitted addiction to distance) to generate as much clubhead speed as the laws of physics will tolerate, and yet keep the ball on the course. My usual forays into hard-swinging madness result in duck-hooks and arcing slices. Zevo allows me to swallow great gulps of adrenaline and still have a look at the green!

P.S. Them wags I call my playing partners finished the round and scurried back home to their computers, typing www.zevo.com faster than a hustler picking up a five-footer before anyone makes him putt out.

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