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The back-to-school days of yellow buses, playground laughter and, yes, learning are near.

Parents everywhere are getting their children ready for the transition from bathing suits and bare feet to school supplies and appropriate wardrobes. But the end of summer break and the start of endless classroom fodder shouldn't be all doom and gloom.

The Golf Warehouse (TGW.com), the world's largest golf e-tailer, is out to help make learning, studying and socializing more enjoyable for kids, while still promoting their striving for Harvard scholarships.

"Education is paramount, but there's nothing wrong with putting a little golf spice in their lives," says Mark Marney, CEO of TGW.com.

FootJoy GelFusionWith that said, may we recommend an assortment of golf garb and giggles for elementary-to-high school children as found at TGW.com.


There's nothing wrong with wearing your Footjoys -- and SoftSpikes -- to mathematics class. Or choose from NIKE's saddle (for the studious, sensitive and GQ types) and sport athletic (jocks get the girls) collections. Besides, Converse doesn't make Chuck Taylor canvas high tops for Bermuda grass.


Unless you go to parochial school, Titleist 2003 golf caps are allowed to be worn under most school rules and regs.


Bolle's sport metal sunglassesChoose from Bolle's sport metal sunglasses collection. It'll have the girls after your boys, keep the teachers from noticing their dozing off, and (bonus!) the mirror coating offers 100-percent UVA/UVB Protection from the sun shining through classroom windows. English students studying 21st-century casual clichés and owning adolescent thoughts say they've got it "made in the shade."


Try the La Jolla junior clubs (perhaps the snoopy model for pre-K'ers) or Taylor Made's outstanding 320K kids club sets. U.S. Kids junior carry stand bags mitigate risk of premature hernia, and Cleveland's famous wedges make long stays in sandboxes a thing of the past. Watch out, though, a putter from RAM may give your kids the confidence of Tom Watson lining up for a key putt. The gloves gotta be U.S. Kids Junior Good-Grip golf gloves or Nike Junior Stretch golf gloves for growing hands. Wilson's smart-core golf balls have a studious ring to them. Golf wiffle balls are available for practice when kids don't have the time to go to the course, or for small backyards; they hook and slice just like real golf balls.

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OK, throw in a CartCaddy junior pull cart for good measure (books can be schlepped this way). You got your pick of headcovers because who cares if they're way too large for the driver. The Bushnell yardage pro laser rangefinders are for measuring distance to the nearby cuties at school. Dunlop's golf handicap tracker watch informs students when the bell is going to ring and is evidence of course improvement to impress peers with a simple peek at the wrist.

After School

At home, set up Ultimate's or Chipmate's instant golf net for backyard practicing after homework is completed. It's a great substitute for cartoons or "While You We're Out" on TV. Dr. Phil agrees that convenient practice fosters improved discipline in life.

Desk Accessories

Anything to get kids into the studying frame of mind. InsideRight golf note cards help your kids become the teacher's pet when you send an "expression of thanks for her good ways" around report-card time. History Craft's "perpetual" golf calendar reminds kids there are only a certain number of days before holiday break. The fabric gift bag can be filled with goodies to help win over cheerleaders. History Craft's golf bag business card holder gives kids reason to study for Jack Welch's corporate life. The company's golf pencil cup makes certain the excuse of being pencil-less doesn't fly, and the golf bag coin bowl is a place to store your allowance. Don't buy the golf dish that doubles as an ashtray.


"At the Turn," by Steve Eubanks, is ideal book-report material. It mixes history (when golf was an elitist, white, middle-age, rich-man's game), with passion (practice makes perfect), jubilance (1999 Ryder Cup), business (the PGA Tour's mega-million-dollar enterprise) and emotional letdown (1997 Ryder Cup). It examines how the new boys (Tiger, Sergio), bad boys (you know who) and good ol' boys (Palmer, Nicklaus) changed the way the world thinks about golf. Then there's conflict (backstage power struggles at the PGA) and death (Payne Stewart). Teachers will be impressed that your kids read all 278 pages. Makes for a grade in the B+ to A range.

Another good read for kids is "Harvey Penick's Little Red Book" that espouses the wisdom that Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite used as juniors. A closing note from TGW.com's Marney is his salute those students who strive to be the best they can be.

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