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By Shane Sharp,
Contributing Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 19, 2003) -- If you don't like hitting your 3-iron, don't use it. If you aren't big on 7-woods, don't carry one. Easier said than done? Not anymore. TaylorMade recently released the latest addition to its Rescue club family, the Rescue Mid.

Part metal wood, part player-improvement iron, the latest edition of this popular utility club promises unprecedented ease of use and distance - and it delivers. The futuristic-looking spoon has a higher moment of inertia and a lower, deeper center of gravity than long irons.

The Rescue Mid PutterTranslation: the Rescue Mid is move forgiving on miss hits and more practical than long irons for golfers with low to average swing speeds (i.e. most of us). Based on one man's evaluation, the club is also much easier to hit off the deck than a 5 or 7-wood.

The Rescue Mid comes in a variety of lofts, ranging from 16 degrees to 25. The stock TaylorMade UltraLite graphite shafts are available in stiff, regular, flex and long and MicroTaper steel shafts are also an option for all four clubs.

Our Take: The Rescue Mid becomes a fast friend. We felt at ease with the club after hitting about 30 ranges balls. After two 18-hole rounds, the 22 degree edition replaced my long-time favorite 7-wood. The Rescue Mid is also a viable option off the tee on short par 4s and/or holes with tight landing areas.

TaylorMade expands on Rossa line with "red" hot Monza

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TaylorMade doesn't shy away from its intent to compete with Callaway/Odyssey by way of its increasingly popular Rossa line of putters. The latest installment of the sleek, colorful Rossa family is the much-anticipated Monza. The Monza homepage unabashedly states:

"The Monza putter also boasts a visual charisma that is easy on the eyes, as opposed to the awkward-looking designs that resemble either a sleeve of golf balls on the end of a stick or a high school metal shop project gone awry."


But all is fair in love and putting, especially given the do-or-die nature of rolling on today's quick greens. The Monza provides a state-of-the-art putting foundation that begins with its attention to alignment. The trapezoidal clubhead is slightly offset and features two center of gravity pipes on either side of its white aiming strip.

The TaylorMade file

Rescue Mid: SRP $179
Monza Putter: SRP $199
Web site:

Fast Facts:
The Rossa Imola was the putter of choice for PGA Championship winner Shaun Micheel .16 participants in the 2003 U.S. Open at Oak Hill wielded Rossa putters.

If the most important part of putting is getting the ball started on line, the Monza should provide most average golfers with a noticeable improvement on the greens. The putter allows for an improved launch angle via aforementioned center of gravity pipes. The CGP's permit a transfer of 100 grams of the front of the putter to the rear sending balls off the clubface low with little or no bounce and decreased backspin.

If you like a putter with a lot of action (the ball springs off the face with little applied force) the Monza is the perfect tool. If you are used to a heavier putter, like the Rossa Daytona, Sebring or Indy models (with 35 gram transfers), the Monza may seem a bit too lively.

Our Take: We tested the Monza with a golfer notorious for leaving putts three to four feet short. With the Monza, said golfer had little trouble getting the ball to the hole on long rolls and drastically reduced h er number of three-putts per 18 holes. The launch angle was low, as promised, and the only issue that arose was trying to fit the trapezoidal head into the less-than-trapezoidal head cover.

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