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By David R. Holland, Senior Writer

So you are a baby boomer who has been carrying his golf bag since age eight. You like the exercise and so far you are able to walk 18 and carry your bag without getting too pooped.

But what happens when that body hits 60 or 65 or 70 and you slow down? Perhaps you can still keep walking, but you might want some help.

Sun Mountain’s new Speed Cart might be the answer. It’s not a “pull cart”, its designed to push and with three highly balanced wheels, this cart can be pushed with a finger on flat ground. It’s the most ergonomically designed push cart in the business.

The Speed Cart, which retails for $209, folds quickly to fit easily in the trunk of your car, and its large tires can handle any type of terrain. It has an all aluminum frame that weighs just 15 pounds.

Here’s what Sun Mountain says: “The revolutionary Speed Cart is the most ergonomically designed push cart around. It allows you to walk the course with your back straight and uses the natural positions of your arms and shoulders to efficiently push the cart. With the Speed Cart, you'll spend less energy on moving your clubs so you'll have more energy for your game.”

The Cadillac of Golf Bags


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The first time I saw a lightweight Sun Mountain carry bag, probably 15 years ago, and used one, I realized Sun Mountain is the Cadillac of golf bags.

And Sun Mountain makes bags especially for the Speed Cart and riding on a cart. Did you just buy a new golf bag with six to 10 pockets and you are feeling you got the best light-weight bag available? Feel bad, folks, because my Sun Mountain Front Nine bag, designed for the Speed Cart, has 14 pockets.

Recently, one cart girl picked up my bag to place it on a riding cart and her eyes got kind of big and she said, “Now that’s a golf bag. How many pockets are on that one?”

Sun Mountain says: “The Front Nine golf bag was designed for use on push and pull carts, all pockets and clubs are easily accessible while the bag is on the cart.

The Front Nine has 14 pockets, including velour-lined cell phone, sunglass and valuables pockets, new and old ball pockets and a cooler pocket. The antique nickel fixtures on the top and bottom of the bag help secure the bag to your cart.

“Other features on the new bag include a nine-inch graphite friendly top, tube construction for greater durability, insulated cooler pocket and antique nickel strap guides on top and bottom to help secure the bag to the cart. The Front Nine is available in both men's and women's models for a suggested retail price of $150.

"In the past, golfers had to either choose a carry bag or a cart bag," explained Sun Mountain Golf Bag Division President, Ed Kowachek, "with the development of the Front Nine we are introducing a new category of golf bags -- bags designed specifically for the needs of the golfer who uses a push or pull cart."

The men's Front Nine is available in six color combinations: mallard/black, goldenrod/black/granite, black/indigo, black, navy, and red/black. The ladies' model is available in: black/leopard, mallard/khaki, navy/steel, and khaki/navy. Both bags are topped off with a matching rainhood, umbrella holder and tube construction.

For more than 20 years, Sun Mountain has been designing and manufacturing functional, high-quality, lightweight golf bags for the serious golfer. Sun Mountain is responsible for many industry firsts, including being the first to use backpacking technology to produce a lightweight nylon golf bag and being the first to develop a stand bag with integral legs.

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