product review

RevitaGrip: a smooth
swing requires a relaxed grip.

By The Maniac,
Cactus Golf Daily
Cactus Golf Daily Equipment Reviewer

November 2, 1998
One thing that freaks-out the Maniac is a slick grip. He's dumbfounded by his high handicapper buddies who let their grips wear down to a smooth nub. When it comes to the golf grip, the Maniac agrees with the people that make RevitaGrip: a smooth swing requires a relaxed grip. For the most part, you can't have a relaxed grip if your club is as slippery as a Chinese noodle!

The Maniac was rather intrigued when he received Classic Touch Products' RevitaGrip reconditioning kit. They're so confident in the ability of RevitaGrip to restore and maintain the original feel to rubber grips, that they offer a "double-your-money-back" guarantee. Furthermore, they claim that their restoration process can take as little as 1 minute per club.......with no damage to the rubber. Have they lost their "grip" on reality, you ask? Would the Maniac find that RevitaGrip worked no better than the poorly performing can of spray goop that he tried a few months before (i.e., manufacturer not named to protect the guilty)?

The kit comes with a 4 oz. bottle of restoration solution and several scrubbing pads of varying coarseness (i.e., 1 pad is for very stubborn spots). Following the directions, the Maniac poured about 1 tablespoon of RevitaGrip solution onto one of the pads. Holding one his favorite clubs (i.e., the Contour Sand Wedge) over the sink, the Maniac used a scrubbing motion until the suds became white. The whole process took about 30 seconds. Then, the Maniac rinsed his club off and set it out to dry. Easy...but did it work?

When the Maniac came back about 30 minutes later, he was hugely surprised to find that the Contour's grip was incredibly grippy! The stuff actually worked! Believe it or not, the Contour's grip felt pretty close to impressive feat considering that it was on its last leg. The Maniac's third party testing agent, his wife, was equally impressed.

In a nutshell, the Maniac digs this product. It will definitely save a trip to the pro shop for new grips. The restoration process is fast and easy (the Maniac likes this combination in both his golf game and his wife didn't hear that, did she?) The kit costs $19.99, and Classic Touch claims that it can clean up to two full sets, maybe more if used sparingly. That equates to approximately $ 0.50 per grip. Incidentally, the Classic Touch folks say that RevitaGrip shouldn't be used on leather grips. You can order and and read more about this product on the web site: