Precept golf balls
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By David R. Holland,
Senior Writer

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (March 5, 2003) -- Golf balls have come a long way since the 1950s when your choices were antiques such as the Spalding Dot and Wilson Max-Fli.

Today's Precept golf balls present an array of options and have the approval of PGA Tour player Nick Price, who used the Tour Premium LS en route to eight Top 10 finishes in 2002, including a victory at the Colonial.

Texan Justin Leonard switched to the Tour Premium LS in 2002 and won the Worldcom Classic and Tom Watson, who has added five titles to his legendary career since switching to Precept, including the 2002 Senior Tour Championship.

Other tour players who love Precept are Matt Kuchar, who posted his first career victory in 2002 at the Honda Classic and Stuart Appleby, who has three victories and 24 top-10 finishes in five full years on the Tour. Both Kuchar and Appleby will be playing TourStage equipment in 2003.


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Many weekend golfers have no clue that Precept is produced by the same company that brought you Bridgestone Tires and also makes the Nike golf balls, used by Mr. Tiger Woods.

What weekend golfers do know is that Precept is producing an excellent group of options at an affordable price. These golfers may not want to pay $54 a dozen for the Pro V1, and the Tour Premium LS price of $26 at discount stores feels better to the pocket book. The retail price might be as high as $38 a dozen at some pro shops.

Precept unveiled its "Muscle-Fiber Core" in 1997 with a line called MC and as the other companies dumped the old wound-ball technology, Precept could say it had been using the solid-core technology since 1991. Visionary.

Also remember the buzz about the soft core found in the Precept Lady. It had many senior men swinging and singing its praises for distance from slower club head speeds. That buzz and success translated into this year's Laddie version.

Here's a detailed look at some Precept options.


Precept has already proven the benefits of deep distance and soft feel with the patented Muscle-Fiber Core technology as seen by the success of the Lady ball. For those low to moderate club head speeds, Laddie takes core softness one step further with the development of a unique blend of rubber compounds molded into the Muscle-Fiber Core, which optimizes softness, feel and distance.

Precept says the Extreme Core Softness is a break-through development that allows for optimum ball deformation and low spin rates at low to moderate club head speeds. The unique combination of materials that form the core and cover provides these players with all the advantages of explosive distance and great feel not traditionally found in distance golf balls. A higher launch angle also keeps the ball in the air with a penetrating ball flight in any condition.

Tour Premium LS

This tour ball features Precept's patented Seamless Cover Technology, the Tour Premium LS incorporates advanced manufacturing methods and materials making it consistent and a high performance golf ball. This technology gives further merit to Precept's leadership role in solid core and cover technology.

The Seamless Cover Technology and Injection Molded Urethane Cover includes an injection molded urethane process. Precept thinks this golf ball is a consistency leader and has exceptional spin and distance. SCT features a uniform dimple pattern with no seam line creating ideal trajectory patterns and consistency.

The Muscle-Fiber Core with the three-piece construction incorporates the patented Muscle-Fiber Core technology. This technology features rubber co-linking agents that are tightly bonded for increased initial velocity at impact for added distance. In addition, the high repulsion inner cover is critical for increased distance and enhanced control. This is accomplished by producing low spin rates off of the driver and ultimate spin and soft feel with the irons.

U-Tri Extra Distance

The 3-piece construction of the U-Tri Extra Distance features Precept's patented urethane SCT for the utmost in consistency. It also features the softest advanced Muscle-Fiber Core in the SCT family, the U-Tri Extra Distance allows for low spin rates off the driver and long irons for healthy distance while the soft urethane cover provides spin control and great feel into and around the greens. This a combination of great distance, optimum spin around the greens and soft feel on all shots.


The Lady is known for its explosive distance with a soft feel. Precept's soft advanced Muscle-Fiber Core is featured in the new 2003 Lady. It was combined with a "piercing" trajectory dimple design that leads to increased initial velocity for more distance. A 432 "quasi-icosahedron" dimple design promotes a higher trajectory for optimal flight while the Surlyn® cover enhances a soft feel around the greens.

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