Product Review:
Ogio O-Zone YZ Golf Bag

By Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer

Over the last decade, every aspect of golf has become high-tech. And within just the last couple of years, it has (quite unexpectedly) become sexy, too. Even the lowly golf bag – once the epitome of all things dowdy and tacky in golf – has evolved into a sleek, well-engineered, indispensable accessory for any style-conscious golfer. And they don’t come any cooler or sexier than the new Ogio O-Zone YZ.

At just 5.75 pounds and equipped with a wide array of bells and whistles, the O-Zone YZ is a unique, functional and fun stand bag that is targeted at young players, who on the whole, have decided that golf carts are for invalids. The most unique aspect of the bag, and the most appealing, is the kidney-shaped club bay, complete with five fully-separated compartments and Ogio’s exclusive Putter Pit™, just for your precious flat stick.


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Of paramount importance to walkers, the O-Zone’s extremely rugged Crossbow™ strap looks like it would hold a small imported car securely, and it’s comfortable and easy to adjust as well. The body material – UV resistant see-through tarpaulin – is also tough, and the legs of the stand are made from heavy-duty graphite.

Some of the aforementioned bells and whistles include an open-ended pocket for stuffing a sweater, wind shirt, or (if you’re a writer) notebook into. The rest of the six pockets have silky-smooth zippers and are easily accessible – much roomier than they look from the outside. And that kidney-shaped body fits like a glove against your lower back as you hike around the links.

Another ultra-clever touch is the translucent, hard plastic bottom of the bag. Why so clever? Have you ever dropped something down into your bag and not known where it was without dumping every damn club out? OK. So that’s why the bottom of the O-Zone is so clever. And don’t even get me started about the super easy-to-use rain hood, secured by Velcro straps. Perfect for covering your clubs fast in sudden downpours.

One or two not-so-clever aspects of the design do pop out to the discriminating eye, however. First, the towel ring is low enough that longer towels and anything else you happen to hang there keep the stand legs from folding completely. Secondly, the ridges in the dividers of the club bays don’t actually do too much to keep your weapons in place. But these are minor points, considering the combined stylishness and practicality of the design as a whole.

The litmus test for the O-Zone’s styling, however, has been exposing it to the barely post-pubescent crews of bag boys and cart girls on a half-dozen courses throughout Michigan. Without fail, the members of this cutting-edge demographic love the looks of this bag. Hey, you know your golf bag must be sexy if the pretty cart girl who doesn’t even play golf compliments it.

Um, let’s just keep that bit about the cart girl and my bag quiet around my wife, OK? We all know how stories get distorted from one person to the next….

Ogio O-Zone YZ Specs
Colors: royal blue, black, graphite, reline, yellow
Weight: 5.75 lbs.
Club bays: six total
Pockets: six regular, one open-ended
Dividers; full-length, material
MSRP: $170
Information: 800-922-1944


BLUFFDALE, Utah (July 23, 2001) -- What began as a simple golf marketing promotion has taken on an unexpected life of its own. Since OGIO created a beefed up, ATV-inspired golf car to support its introduction into the cart bag market, and to compliment its Yamaha YZ 250 motorcycle giveaway, the company has been inundated with hundreds of requests to purchase the car. OGIO s response: Why not?

OGIO is partnering with automotive accessory manufacturers to create a limited release of the OGIO BRV golf cars that it will market to retail partners nationwide.

From July 20 through October 1, 2001, golf shops and green grass outlets will be invited to order custom cars for promotional purposes and if they wish, to sell to customers.

The OGIO BRVs will be delivered by March 2002 and stores will be asked to keep them on display for at least three months. After that time, retailers may use the car in any way they wish: as a trade show event mascot, or for radio promotions, in-store drawings, raffles or auctions. Retailers are also welcome to sell them to key (or highest-bidding) customers.

For more information about the OGIO BRV or to locate the nearest retailer, contact OGIO customer service at 800.922.1944 or 801.619.4100, or visit the company's web site at


Yamaha Golf Car Company is the producer of the Ultima Golf Car, the golf industry s benchmark electric and gas-powered golf cars. Yamaha s leadership in advanced engineering, production and marketing of high quality powersports products has helped its golf cars earn a reputation as the most durable and low-maintenance in the industry.

Located in Newnan, Georgia since 1988, Yamaha Golf Cars manufactures and exports golf cars worldwide. Yamaha s current line of golf cars and utility vehicles features the Ultima 48V with Pacesetter², the Ultima gas car, the G20 Concierge multi-passenger vehicle and the G21 gas utility vehicle. Contact for for further information.


Headquartered in Bluffdale, Utah, OGIO International, Inc. is a leading sport bag designer and manufacturer known for its extreme-sport inspired designs, fabrics and colors.

The privately held company, founded in 1987, distributes products both nationally and internationally under the OGIO brand name, and operates an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) division -- known as OGIO Engineered -- for other internationally known brands. Recipients of numerous design patents, OGIO's collection includes an extensive golf bag line as well as back packs, school packs, messenger bags, duffel bags and other active gear.