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arizona golf arizona golf arizona golfProduct review: SoftSwipe Cleaner of Non-metal Spikes

By Kiel T. Christianson,
Senior Writer

"Green-friendly" non-metal spikes have become required equipment at courses throughout the country. Love them or hate them, you must admit that while they save the greens, they do lack a certain amount of traction, especially when conditions are less than optimal.


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When mud, leaves, or other debris clog one's
cleats, golfers are forced to contort themselves into all sorts of pretzel-like shapes and scrape endlessly with a green repair tool or tee. Those days of bending and scraping or slipping and sliding are over, however, thanks to the SoftSwipe non-metal spike cleaner.

The SoftSwipe Cleaner comes in three models: portable, cart-mounted, and tee-box. All three models are made from Monsanto's synthetic rubber and are in the shape of a disk studded with rubber spikes ranging from 1/2" to 3/4".

The tee-box and cart models are securely fixed in place, so all you need to do is scrape your spikes across the top of them. The SoftSwipe works faster and more completely than wire or hard bristles one usually finds outside the clubhouse door (but almost never out on the course, where you need them the most!).

The portable SoftSwipe is the ultimate accessory for the footing-conscious Golfer. The portable model simply clips onto your golfbag. When your spikes get mucked up, all you do is unclip the disk, drop it on the turf (not on the concrete!), and kick your spikes vigorously across it.

Since both sides of the disk are covered with rubber spikes, the ones on the underside dig into the grass and hold the SoftSwipe firmly in place. Voila! Clean spikes for that next wicked downhill lie!

To purchase SoftSwipe Cleaners (or to recommend them to your local golf club for installation in the carts or at the tee boxes), call (888) 61-SWIPE or visit the company's Web site at Or you can write them at P.O. Box 861, Madison, NC 27025.