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Curling up with
great golf books
a must for the holidays

By Mark Marney, The Golf Warehouse (tgw.com)

You have the week off between Christmas and New Year's Day.

It's too cold to venture outside. You worked hard all year and deserve some relaxation, so you curl up with a good book.

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For occasions like these, there are a plethora of golf titles of the audio, instructional, inspirational, biography, health/fitness, historical and non-fiction variety.

Some of the best sellers at TGW.com:

1. Dave Pelz Short-Game Bible and Dave Pelz Putting Bible -- Based on one key philosophy: instead of practicing the wrong things the right way (and vice versa), Pelz shows golfers how to find their own personal weaknesses and how to improve them efficiently. Packed with all the knowledge, charts and photos that Pelz imparts on students Tom Kite, Vijay Singh, Lee Janzen and Annika Sorenstam.

Putting Out of Your Mind2. Putting Out of Your Mind (by Dr. Bob Rotella) -- This audio book includes a series of exercises and techniques that help golfers visualize success and gain more confidence in their putting. Golfers learn how to tune out extraneous factors such as anger, fear and other emotional responses which often causes them to leave the ball short or run it by the hole.

3. A Nasty Bit of Rough (by David Feherty) -- Prepare for some seriously funny blasphemy from the wild 'n' wacky Feherty, who routinely espouses his comedy in his GOLF magazine column and on CBS telecasts of the PGA Tour. Feherty tells his tale of Uncle Dickie and his band of friends as they compete for the oldest trophy of golf, the petrified middle finger of St. Andrew. Genuine laughs and history aplenty.

Golf for Dummies4. Golf for Dummies (with Gary McCord) -- Good for those new to golf and longtime duffers, this book addresses virtually every aspect of the game. There are clearly illustrated instructions so you discover how to fix common faults, know the score on rules and etiquette take advantage of high-tech equipment and shape up with golf-specific exercises. Forward by rock legend Alice Cooper.

5. Tiger Woods: How I Play Golf (with Golf Digest editors) -- The book is structured differently from other books; it starts at the green and progresses backwards, just the way Tiger learned to play. Learn Tiger's mix of physical, metaphysical and psychological practices which help him transcend all the ups and downs. Good for men and women, young and old, tall or short, beginners and skilled players.

How I Play Golf6. Harvey Penick's Little Red Book -- There are 60 years of notes in this book from the legendary coach of putter extraordinaire Ben Crenshaw and other PGA, Champions and LPGA Tour players. It's written in small, easy-to-pick-up-and-read sections. Penick and co-author Bud Shrake give readers direct, practical wisdom and pare away all the hyper-technical jargon that's prevalent nowadays. The essay in the front of the book is written in a personal style that will warm your heart.

Happy reading.

Mark Marney is CEO of The Golf Warehouse at tgw.com, the world's largest golf e-tailer. His columns appear monthly at travelgolf.com. He reports on golf products, emerging trends, and he let's you know what's hot and what's not.

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