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By Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer

EAST LANSING, MI - Well, it's about that time of the year up here in the North Country: Time to store away your clubs until spring. Don't just toss those precious sticks in the basement or stow them in the garage without looking at them, though.

We all know nothing's worse than hitting the course for the first time in the spring only to find that all the dirt and grime from last season has hardened onto your clubheads and corroded their finish.

But cleaning your clubs takes time and elbow grease, right? Wrong! There is a product especially designed for cleaning all golf-related equipment called Golfwash, and our tests have determined it to be nearly as miraculous as it claims to be.

A few squirts of Golfwash on your clubheads not only dissolves dirt, it also removes the most stubborn of all discolorations - the long, garish streaks left on your driver by painted tees. I've never been able to remove these colorful scars with soap and water, but Golfwash took them off with just a few swipes of a stiff brush.


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The company claims that Golfwash is good for all golf equipment, and it does indeed spiff up older golf balls (the ones you haven't lost or cut, that is). However, I wouldn't recommend it for cleaning your grips - I felt no appreciable difference in the tackiness of my grips after cleaning two of them with Golfwash. At least with respect to grips, there are better ways to reinvigorate your clubs.

Overall, however, a bottle of relatively inexpensive Golfwash will go a long way toward keeping your equipment in shape.

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