Bushnell Compact Yardage Pro RangefinderOptions for obligatory
golf gifts this Christmas

By Mark Marney,
The Golf Warehouse (

How many times have you received a holiday gift and had nothing to give that person in return?

Now you must reciprocate. You're not close to them and you don't want to spend a lot of money. One of their interests is golf, so you set out to find the ideal, low- to mid-price gift.

There's a lot to choose from and here are some options, with manufacturers' descriptions:

Bushnell Compact Yardage Pro Rangefinder

Measures distance instantly and accurately to within one yard. A zip feature enables distance measurement though foreground clutter like branches. It's water and shock resistant. For the boss who holds the key to your career advancement (from $169.95).

Golf Ball Sweet Spot FinderGolf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Put your golf ball in the sweet-spot finder and the high-speed gyroscopic action realigns the ball's variance in mass. While spinning, use the special pen to permanently mark the ball's unique equator. On the tee or green, simply line up the ball's equator with your target and swing. From there, the ball no longer has a tendency to wobble. They roll more accurately on the green and are driven farther off the tee. ($24.95)

Logo Merchandise

Arizona State Sun Devils golf umbrellaMost golfers have a favorite sports team and ample collegiate spirit. You can help them show off their allegiances with logo merchandise like:

Miami Dolphins divot tool or ball marker ($9.95)

Arizona State Sun Devils golf umbrella ($29.95)

Michigan Wolverines putter cover ($9.95)

San Francisco 49ers cart bag by Wilson ($129.95)

Baltimore Ravens 12-pack golf balls by Callaway ($24.95) packaged in a gift box with a NFL-logo Hot 2-Ball Putter ($179).

Cart Heater

Made by Coleman, famous for barbeques and coolers, its CartCat Catalytic Cart Heater is ever-so popular. Portable and propane-fueled, just press one button (no match required) and feel the whisper of quiet heat with no hoses, cords or flames. Lasts up to eight hours on one 16.4-oz. cylinder. Take off that fourth pair of socks thanks to a cart that's 10 to 25 degrees warmer. Can also be used away from the golf course - in your shop or garage and at ball games or as a source of emergency heat in your cart. ($49.95 - $69.95)

ThermaCare Heat WrapsThermaCare Heat Wraps

Endorsed by PGA Tour player Rocco Mediate, ThermaCare Heat Wraps give golfers long-lasting relief from minor muscular aches and pains associated with sprains, strains and arthritis. It's designed for all waistlines to fit your lower back and is thin enough to wear discreetly under your clothing. It allows you to swing freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax tight bones and increase flexibility. ($4.99)

Personalized Golf Balls

A perennial Top-10 seller at, check out the Titleist family of Pro V1, NXT, DT SoLo and Pinnacle golf balls. Then there's Wilson True Toru Velocity, Elite and V models; Strata's Tour Professional and Ultimate Plus; and Top-Flite's XL 3000 series and Tour brands. Different balls cater to golfers' skill levels, oft defined as recreational, intermediate and advanced. (From $13.99/dozen, plus personalization, which some manufacturers offer free for the holidays)

Personalized Golf Tees

Make for great hole-in-one celebrations, birthdays and annual tournaments - almost anything you want to commemorate. Crafted from wood birch, you're given up to three lines of copy and 24 characters per line. Shiny finish, 16 ink colors, 1,000 count. ($49.95 - $69.95)

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