Trimetal racks up huge
sales for good reasons

The Maniac,
Cactus Golf Daily Course Reviewer

Orlimar Trimetal

Orlimar's new product entry, the TriMetal, is racking up huge sales. This family of clubs has a shallow face and a low profile head. Along with copper tungsten inserts in the bottom, these features are supposed to make it easier to get the ball airborne....particularly from tight lies. The stainless steel face is said to be 85 percent harder than titanium. This is achieved using a new production process called "alpha maraging." This feature is claimed to help transfer more energy to the ball....thus giving shots greater distance. But that's not all....the oversize tip diameter graphite shaft is said to increase club head speed and lower the balance point for higher trajectory and increased stability on off-center hits. What does all this mean? According to Orlimar, Trimetal fairway woods are easier to hit, longer, and straighter than the most popular woods.

The Maniac likes the handsome look of the TriMetal. He also likes the way it sets up on the fairway. The low profile head instills confidence at address. The feeling that your going to chunk it is almost nonexistent. The shaft is unassuming....neither ugly nor beautiful. Since the 11 and 13 degree fairway woods can attain the distance of a driver, there's no need to tee it up on the tee box. You only need to get the ball out of the way of intervening grass. This takes the variability and indecision out of tee height (also another confidence booster). On with the good stuff.... The Maniac finds the TriMetal to be a temperamental club. One shot goes a million miles, straight as an arrow.....and the next shot is a worm burner hooking left or slicing right. In a nutshell, the sweet spot is not that huge. When you hit it on the screws, this club is like no other. It's truly a monster. The Maniac almost had a heart attack when he hit the 13 degree TriMetal 260 yards. He has never before hit a 13 degree fairway wood 260 yards. When it's not hit on the screws, watch out....anything goes. The Maniac has found this to be a common thread throughout the higher lofted woods as well. With each shot, either Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde may show never know whom it's going to be. The Maniac found the performance to be exactly the same on both the tee box and turf.

What does all this mean? The sweet spot appears to relatively small (i.e., as compared to a jumbo driver such as the Great Big Bertha). I expected much more after watching the infomercial. In the hands of a sound, consistent swinger, this club is a formidable weapon. The Maniac has never seen a fairway wood that can hit as far as the TriMetal. But alas, the Maniac is no Roger Maltbie. Interestingly, the Maniac's mishits didn't cause too much damage. They were just plain ugly. "Worm burning" appeared to be the recurring theme in the Maniac's demo (i.e., no high-flying slice going 200 mph into O.B. territory).

Since Orlimar offers the TriMetal with a full 90-day money back guarantee, the Maniac thinks that it's worth a try. If you've got the swing that's right for it, you won't be let down. The ability to play the 11 degree and 13 degree as either fairway woods or drivers is a huge advantage. The Maniac's boss bought the TriMetal and, he absolutely loves it. He hits only 1 out of every 5 shots well with it. However, when he connects, he looks like a pro! Now, the Maniac doesn't like these kind of odds, but his boss doesn't seem to mind. All he can remember after a round is the few drives he hit 260+ yards! More information can be found about the TriMetal line of clubs at