Leave Your Irons Behind: Orlimar TriMetal Plus Metalwoods Makes Golf Easier

By Robert Lewis

TUCSON, Arizona - Many a day I have stood on a course ready to wrap my three iron around a tree.

It's a love/hate relationship. With a lot of practice and the right swing, I hit my three iron well. Other times, I'm a likely candidate to commit property damage.

Hitting irons successfully is one of the most basic and frustrating factors in becoming a solid golfer. Golfers cling to their irons, yet discard them frequently like they change their gloves. Rarely satisfied, golfers of all ages continuously look for easier and better designed clubs to get improved loft and trajectory with more forgiving sweet spots.

Gaining little advantage in buying new clubs, golfers have become suckers, running up their credit card bills, making their wives red with anger while lining the pockets of manufacturers.

Here's some advice: drop your long irons and give the Orlimar Men's TriMetal Plus Series Metalwoods a try.

The newer courses of today are requiring an increase in precision and target golf. The Trimetal Plus Fairway Metals offers golfers of all abilities an easier club to hit and control while increasing power.

Orlimar understands that most golfers cannot consistently use their long irons. They do not get the necessary loft and experience nothing but frustration. By switching their irons for the appropriate fairway metal, Orlimar believes they will
gain an easier club to hit with enhanced power.

They're absolutely right.

Playing with the Trimetal Plus Fairway Metals has increased my confidence and enjoyment. I've played with their 16, 22 and 30 degree clubs in 20 rounds of golf and find little reason to play with my long irons again.

Sure, if you play frequently and have the skills to hit a long iron, then stay with it. But most golfers simply cannot get the loft and precision needed from their long irons.

While impressed with the trajectory and distance I experienced using the Orlimar clubs, I was even more impressed with the results when I mishit my shots. Even my misfires were decent shots. Mishit with long irons and you pay the price with strokes.

As innovative and complex as the technology is, all you need to know about these clubs is that they are a joy to hit.

Orlimar CEO and President Bill Kirkendall is banking on golfers of all abilities to get on their bandwagon.

"What we are talking about is golfers reconfiguring their bags, replacing the long irons that are very difficult to hit, with fairway metals that will allow golfers to hit shots more consistently, confidently, with proper trajectory and increased accuracy, resulting in lower scores."

But that will come with price. They're not cheap.

The Trimetal Plus Fairway Metals are priced at $269 for each individual club and you can purchase a set of four TriMetal Pluses for $899. Orimar offers eight different lofts with five shaft flexes (See specs below).

These clubs are not just for the average golfer. Pros as well as top senior golfers are picking up their fairway woods with great success.

Jim Furyk is on the Orlimar staff. Christy O'Connor, Jr. became the first player to defend the Senior British Open title when he overcame a one-shot deficit to defeat South Africa's John Bland. The Orlimar fairway woods have caught on at all levels of Golf.

It's not hard to understand why.

Nothing replaces the skills required to strike a golf ball. No club can hide the flaws of a player who does not have the know-how to play the game. But, the Orlimar Trimetal Plus Fairway Metals are going to enjoy great success because they are among the easiest golf clubs that the amateur or advanced golf can hit.

Anyone looking for a three iron?

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The Skinny
Available Shaft Flexes

  • Tour Stiff -(graphite shaft only)
  • Tour X-Stiff -(graphite shaft only)
  • Senior -(graphite shaft only) Orlimar TriMetal Metalwoods are available in
  • 12° loft -(replaces 2 wood)
  • 14° loft -(replaces 3 wood)
  • 16° loft -(replaces 1 iron)
  • 18° loft -(replaces 2 iron)
  • 20° loft -(replaces 3 iron)
  • 22° loft -(replaces 4 iron)
  • 26° loft -(replaces 5 iron)
  • 30° loft -(replaces 6 iron)

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