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Carbite Golf's DC Putter

Reviewed by Kiel T. Christianson, Regional Staff Writer

The Carbite DC putter is from Carbite Golf's new "D" Series, which features the company's trademark "polar-balanced" design and Bronzemer face insert. And of course, "Yipless," the company's famous putting robot (which you have likely seen in infomercials), has tested it against a range of other putters in comparing the results of off-center hits. But what does all of this technology mean, in duffer's terms, to you?
First of all, "polar balanced" simply means heel-toe weighting. The DC is a classic stainless steel, cavity-backed blade that may feel a bit light if you are used to a heavy putter. What polar balancing does, however, is create the solid feel of a heavier putter (by reducing club head rotation at impact) in a lighter head that is easier to control on the back-swing and follow-through, especially on shorter putts.

Next, the Bronzemer insert is a combination of atomized bronze powder and polymer. The softness and friction of this insert is quite remarkable. On the practice green, when you go to pull a ball closer to you with the face of the putter, you can actually feel the insert grab the ball and "stick" to it a bit.

The feeling when you strike the ball is very soft. If you use a balata ball, the sensation is sort of like hitting a Nerf ball. Nevertheless, the ball comes off the club with surprising speed and on a consistently true line.


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Finally, what about all of this robot putting stuff you see on the infomercial? According to Carbite's web site (, the results of their tests with "Yipless" the robot show that off-center hits off of Carbite's putters end up on average a good bit closer to the hole than they do off of competing putters.

From 27 feet out, here are the average distances the balls ended up from the hole: Carbite: 23", Callaway: 57", Cobra: 72", Odyssey: 58", Ping Anser: 85", Ping Isopur: 53", Ram Zebra: 45", Ray Cook: 81", Tear Drop: 81", Titleist Scotty Cameron: 42", Top Flight: 72", Wilson: 67".

Does such testing really prove anything? Perhaps, but notice that several other heel-toe weighted putters (such as the Never Compromise models) are not included.

On the other hand, this writer (whose putting skills are very average at best) used the Carbite DC over the course of three rounds on a diverse collection of greens and holed more 4' to 15' putts than he has ever done in any previous three-round span.

'Nuff said, Yipless. DC Putter Specs
Length: 33", 34", 35", 36"
Stainless steel head
Cavity back blade
Loft: 5 degrees
Lie: 19 degrees
Face insert: BronzemerTM
Hosel: Tall, "shaft into hosel" with 1/4" offset
Price: From $90 to $100 (depending on where you buy it)