Bite Shoes:
Off The Beaten Cart Path

By Douglas Carey,

I never thought I’d care about golf shoes, but that was until I started playing the game.

I always thought all you’d need to play golf was a set of sticks, a few balls, a stogie for the back nine and good companionship. Forget all that glove and shoe stuff—those were just unnecessary ‘extras’ that equipment manufacturers threw in to drive up their profit margins.

To me, shoes were as essential to golf as a mother-in-law suite is to a house—they may be there, but you’d just assume forget about them when they’re occupied.

That was until my first pair of cheap golf shoes started hurting. It’s tough enough to concentrate on this game without distractions, but when you’ve got pressure points on your feet and they’re half soaked from the early morning dew, it’s an ache you’d just assume do without.

I also wanted a shoe that was different in looks—so many of the shoes you see today are just clones of each other. I was looking for a shoe that was set apart from your typical bowling shoe with spikes.

And I found it in the Bite Saddleback shoe. Sure, it looks somewhat like your traditional golf saddle shoe, but Bite appropriately describes them as “So close to being normal, but with a little flair that lets everyone know that you appreciate the differences in life. You don't mind playing by the rules, adhering to etiquette, but you're NOT everyone else”


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That’s definitely me.

I’m NOT everyone else. Let all the others continue on through life looking like Johnnie Miller clones in their seventies style shoes. Not me. I’ve got the saddle shoe with flare.

And they’re more than just different—they’ve got the attributes that all of the other top name brands carry with them—namely they’re extremely comfortable, and they’re waterproof. What more can you ask for? They’re set-apart in style, they’re comfortable as walking shoes, and your toes won’t go numb from moisture.

You’ll also probably save some money (all the others dump millions into advertising at your expense).

So, if you’re looking for a shoe that’s a tad set-apart from the crowd, I’d recommend Bite shoes—they’ll give you style you really don’t have to think twice about. And I like that.

Bite Shoes
Available at Fine Pro Shops and Golf Retail Stores
For More Information, Check out Bite’s website:

I chose the Saddleback 2501A:
Retail price: $99.95