Bite Footwear:
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David R. Holland, Senior Writer

If you have played any Jim Engh courses in Colorado -- Sanctuary, Red Hawk Ridge or The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa -- you know he likes to build some elevated tee boxes that you have to hike to.

Just try it with some of today's soft spikes. Slip sliding away?

So why not develop a golf shoe in the hiking boot style? Offer it in high top or low top? Why not make it look like a hiking boot or hiking shoe? The rugged, outdoorsman type who likes to hike the Rocky Mountain trails and play golf would love it, huh?

That's exactly what Bite Footwear thought and they proclaim: Ain't No Canyon High Enough, Ain't No Canyon Low Enough with their new Canyon High and Canyon Low golf shoes, which feature the new "Elevation Outsole".


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They are a light brown suede (Bite calls it wheat color) on top, but the outsole also features a high "mud guard" just in case you accidentally sink into a hidden mud hole.

Bite is the company that launched its first sandal line more than five years ago and created a niche for itself. Bite described the golf-shoe market as "scary" and that it was dominated by a very few "Big Boys."

So Bite pioneered the golf sandal and introduced the idea to consumers that there was more to choose from than their father's wingtips and traditional saddle shoes.

Now, Bite says it looks like the "Big Boys" want a piece of the action in the golf casual category that Bite has created and continues to dominate.

"I saw an opportunity and I ran with it," said Dale Bathum, president of Bite Footwear and inventor of the golf sandal. "The Big Boys may be introducing more golf casual footwear, but our customers have already embraced our products for not only being different, but for being the most comfortable and coolest shoes on the market -- and that is why we have an indistinguishable product."

The Canyon High and Canyon Low has been joined by the Tradition II and the new black/white Saddleback. The Kahuna of the "Exodus Sandal Series" for men and the 3-Under of the "Snake River Series" for women is also new from Bite.


The Canyon Low -- wheat & black

Rugged, hiking inspired footwear designed for golfers who carry heavy bags, golf long days, but enjoy a rugged looking shoe. Extremely comfortable and stable.

- Two-year limited waterproof guarantee
- Soft waterproof leather and suede for immediate comfort
- Extra collar and tongue padding for added comfort
- Removable, supportive compression EVA sockliner
- MIPS waterproofing lining

- Dynamic Fast Twist Bitespikes for extra traction and quick replacement
- High outsole sidewall mudguard for superior waterproofing and stability
- Integral traction teeth for all terrain traction
- Rounded outsole for smooth follow-through and comfort
- Wide heel for enhanced stability
- EVA cushioning midsole for a solid, yet cushy feel
- Built-in arch support for extra comfort and support

Sugested Retail Price: $89.99

Bite Footwear
8114 304th Ave SE
PO BOX 5012
Preston, WA 98050 USA
Telephone: 800.248.3465, 425.222.6614 fax


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