Adidas Golf Shoes:
Grip With Z Traxion

By David R. Holland, Senior Writer

Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, Helen Alfredsson and Marisa Baena all wear them. Adidas’ Z Traxion™ shoes are distinctive -- white with three stripes instead of the traditional saddle insert.

If you want to look good, these are the shoes for you.

But what Adidas offers with its shoes that others don’t is the integrated "Z" shaped Traxion™ lugs, specifically engineered to deliver superior traction and stability for the golf swing.

“Z Traxion™ combines lateral lugs for grip while swinging, and linear Traxion™ lugs for comfort and grip while walking. The unique Traxion™ stud design is constructed to be the most green-friendly outsole in golf. Maximized surface area in contact with the ground provides better pressure distribution,” says Adidas marketing info.

What I like about these $140 all-leather upper golf shoes are the comfort right out of the box. I picked the solid black edition, but you can also have white with brown stripes or white with black stripes.


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I’ve also found over the years that solid-color shoes, like the black ones, are very easy to keep looking brand new. Just shine them like you would your Sunday best.

Here’s more info Adidas’ innovation in golf shoes from their marketing department:


Think: absorption zone. Now think about where you need absorption the most—in your heel. Cushioned material located under the heel protects the foot. It's technology to reduce the harmful effects of repetitive impact.

fast twist™

A cleat changing system that requires only one quarter turn per spike.


TRAXION® cleat maximizes grip with a unique stud design. It provides the ultimate in comfort with better pressure distribution. Flexible TRAXION® cleats adapt to various ground conditions as well. The result: unmatched grip with supreme comfort.


adiDRY® keeps the foot dry and comfortable yet allows it to breathe in a variety of outdoor climates.


Sympatex® is a lightweight, ultra-thin, non-porous polyester membrane that is totally waterproof, totally windproof, and highly breathable. It's simply the smartest waterproofing choice for footwear today. The unique non-porous construction creates a wall against wetness that transports perspiration, so feet can breath.

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