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Tim McDonaldThis Week at Sept. 13, 2006

The end of the golf shirt as we know it (or: Take that, pro shop fashion police snobs!)

Look, just because we're golfers, do we all have to look exactly alike? And do all pro shops, whether in the U.S., Europe or even Asia have to sell the exact same golf shirts?

Where does it say all golf shirts must be oversized, generic polos, with long tails? Doesn't matter who makes them, they were boring to start with and even more boring now that every golfer on the planet wears them. I've been golfing in the U.S., Canada, throughout the Caribbean, Scotland, Ireland and Africa, and that same shirt follows me everywhere.

Kiel Christianson hit on a good point on a recent blog, pointing out Jim Furyk's shirts from Chiliwear. "These shirts have turned the hawk-nosed, bald, concave-chested Furyk into a bit of a fashion plate," Christianson writes. "I like the idea of the buttons all the way up the front, and the added dimension of dressiness those buttons bring."

I like Furyk's shirts too but for the opposite reason. I like the comfort and casualness, not to mention the fact they're different. But the biggest thing I like about them is you can wear them untucked - hell, they're made to be worn untucked - and the pro shop snobs won't kick you off the course.

They're called "performance camp shirts" and Christianson makes sport of that. But think about it: They're made to perform. They're more comfortable than polos, they look cool and retro and you can leave them hanging outside your huge, light-beer besotted belly.

I have a closetful now. I wear them on the course, I wear them when I go a'courting. I even found a company that sells the kind that won't wrinkle and can be washed in a sink. Perfect for a dude like me who constantly travels. I'm not going to plug any particular company, but I will plug these performance camp shirts because they offer relief from the legions of lock-stepping polo wearers.

All hail the performance camp shirt!

As always, welcomes your comments.

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