Some of the top golf products from the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show

By Brandon Tucker,
Senior Writer's Tee Vision highlights 10 new golf products that hit the floor this year at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Smart Stick

The Smart Stick is a training aid designed to help teach golfers a perfect plane and a powerful position at impact. Using two lasers and plane lines, you can learn the feeling of a perfect golf swing to replicate with their own clubs.


You can learn to set up just like the all-time greats with the Step2Swing training aid. An alignment system with color-coded steps help you set up for success with a 5-iron, 9-iron and driver.

The Kure

The Kure is a putting system that will help teach you proper alignment and stroke. Two synchronized light sytems work together to tell you when you've achieved the perfect putting stroke.

Fairway Pro

The Fairway Pro for use at the driving range is a device that makes practice from artificial mats more grass-like. A patented system allows the turf to give on your swing, creating more natural contact with the golf ball and also prevents injury associated with traditional mats.

Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is a training aid that will help give you the perfect putting stroke. Using an alignment system with magnets and lasers, you will be taught a simple, perfect putting stroke.

Video Perch for Golf

The Video Perch allows you to capture your shots on the golf course hassle-free. A mounting system attaches your camcorder to your golf bag, so you can take footage of your recent golf trip or bring swings to your golf coach to be analyzed.

Golf Dotz

Golfers bored with marking their golf ball with a Sharpie will want to try Golf Dotz. Golf Dotz are small designs, like shamrocks or hearts that can be tattooed onto your golf ball.

At Your Feet

At Your Feet is a training aid that will help you remember your swing thoughts. A small monitor attaches to your shoe, and by tapping your foot, you're given customized reminders of swing thoughts before you swing.

4 Yards More

4 Yards More is a new golf tee from Greenskeepers. Manufacturers claim its new design will help you hit your drives farther and more accurately.

Dancin' Dogg

The new Dancin' Dogg golf simulator features all the action of a $20,000 simulator for $399. You can sync it with Tiger Woods 2008 and play the best courses in the world from your living room.

January 25, 2008

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