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Golf In Turkey

Standing at the crossroads of East and West lies one of the most fascinating places in the Mediterranean. A country offering a rich and varied landscape, spectacular mountain ranges, some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, friendly people, 300 days a year of sunshine, secluded coves, unbelievable diversity in wildlife and full of history dating back 8000 years to the Neolithic age.

Turkey is a tourist destination of people from all over the world for many years and also a rising star for golfers.

The golf courses of Turkey are situated in two main areas: Antalya and Istanbul.

A city for all seasons, Antalya was founded in the second century BC by Attalus II, King of Pergamum and named Attaleia in his honor. Attalus ordered his men to find the "Paradise on Earth". They traveled all around and found a place on the Mediterranean coast with wide strips of sand on the shores, thick forests, waterfalls pouring towards the sea and ever shining sun. They thought "this must be it" and founded a city here.

Today, Antalya a metropolis of 500,000 people which almost doubles in the summer season. At first sight, it may appear like any other city but its unique setting and ancient city walls, historical houses, marina give it a flavor like nowhere else.

Antalya offers a golf resort area called Belek just 25 minutes from Antalya Airport. It can easily be reached from many European cities with direct flights from all over the world via Istanbul.

Belek is a golfers paradise with four established courses close to each other. (Some other courses are on the way). It also offers high quality accommodation for golfers.

Tat International

Gloria Golf Club
Four important golf courses in this region are the National, Gloria, Tat International, and Nobilis. ISTANBUL

There are three courses, at the present, in Turkey's bustling city. The first, and one of the oldest in Europe, is the Istanbul Golf Club often called Maslak, due to its position in this area of the city.

The other two are Klassis Golf and Country Club, and Kemer Golf and Country Club.

Turkey is a beautiful country that offers almost everything with high quality service, reasonable rates and a bright future for golfers. Along with the existing courses, mores courses are in the planning stages for the Southern area.

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