Golf Vacations UK takes the hassle out of overseas planning

By Brandon Tucker,
Senior Writer

CARLISLE, England (Jan. 15, 2003) -- Golf Vacations UK is one of a handful of travel agencies that guarantee tee times at the Old Course at St. Andrews. But the company’s ability to deliver the entire United Kingdom golf experience – not just Scotland and Ireland – make it a hit with American travelers.

Eddie Gilbertson, representative of Golf Vacations UK, says they plan trips with the individual client in mind, and cater to a variety of budgets.

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“Tours range from ‘Budget’ at around the £900 [a little more than $1,600] per person mark, to ‘Luxury,’” he said. “We cater for any market, and all tours are tailor made to the client’s itinerary and not set as standard.”

Planning a trip overseas can be an overwhelming endeavor. Between the countless travel options and choosing a destination and an itinerary suitable to your needs, attempting this on your own can be little more than a stab in the dark. Golf Vacations UK came up with a customer-friendly, easy-to-grasp system that has helped countless travelers figure out what they want.

Gilbertson notes the endless obstacles for travelers organizing a trip overseas on their own.

“They are not aware of restrictions for visitor play on many of the courses, which makes the planning of a tour like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together,” Gilbertson said. “They are also not really aware of the distance between courses and the necessity for travel.

Golf Vacations UK “They will also pay more for hotel rooms as tour operators have special rates which are not available to the general public. They should also be aware that the tour operators are dealing with the golf courses and hotels all the year round and times on the courses will be more readily available to them.”

Another benefit of working with Golf Vacations UK is several hotels upgrade and provide extras. “Our self drive vehicles are also all new,” adds Gilbertson. “Our coaches are high standard Mercedes with luxury trim.”

In the end, a personal touch is what Golf Vacations UK strives for the most in planning a vacation.

“We provide personal and professional service at a very competitive rate,” says Gilbertson. “We pride ourselves on a high standard of service to the client. When [in the United Kingdom] on a trip, our clients are well looked after and we are available 24 hours a day for advice, emergencies, etc. And all our golf tee times are confirmed and forwarded to the client for their approval before any deposit payments are made.”

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management. The information in this story was accurate at the time of publication. All contact information, directions and prices should be confirmed directly with the golf course or resort before making reservations and/or travel plans.