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Zen Golf gives WorldGolf.com reader the tips he needed

Zen Golf
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Reader Rich believes the book <em>Zen Golf</em> has helped him cut several strokes from his game. (Courtesy www.zengolf.com)

Regarding this Golf for Beginners blog:

Dr. Parent's Zen Golf is a great read, but it is even better to listen to it. When I visited Megan Heckeroth's website, I found out that there was an iPod version, and even CDs. So I downloaded the book into my iTunes and iPod.

His soothing voice itself has had a 50 percent impact on my tempo and my anxious backswing. I highly recommend you download it, put it in your iPod to listen to your favorite setup chapters while warming up at the range. I also burned a CD of it and I listen to certain chapters on my drive to work and on my way to the golf course.

It took off 3-4 strokes from my average round (mid-80s to low-80s). His putting and bunker videos in Megan's cSwing section also helped me stop squeezing my putter and blading the ball out of the bunker.

I hear he is coming out with a new book next year called Zen Putting ... that should definitely help me get in the low 70s.


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  • Zen Golf - golf psychology

    Chris C wrote on: Aug 9, 2010

    I found Zen Golf to be a great help also for my game. I feel many of our problems on the course are due to what's in our heads. Joe Parent's advice helps you see this for yourself and remove the anxiety many of us experience. Also recommend 'Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect' by Bob Rotella and 'Golf Sense' by Roy Palmer (a very interesting book!)


      • RE: Zen Golf - golf psychology

        Paul Janes wrote on: Sep 25, 2010

        Glad someone else enjoyed Palmer's Golf Sense. I haven't met another golfer yet whose read it yet I found its had a massive impact on my game (for the better!) Fascinating book with some very useful tips and interesting theories.
        Zen is definitely the way to go for golfers!