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Tiger Woods' and Phil Mickelson's absence give readers fodder

Tiger Woods
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Many fans were disappointed that Tiger Woods chose to skip the PGA's Tour Championship. (Courtesy PGA of America)

The recent blog by Golf for Beginners' bloggers Barry and Stacy Solomon, "Finchem and PGA golfers rightfully grumbling about Woods and Mickelson's departure from Tour Championship" caught the attention of many readers who had strong opinions on Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson both bowing out of the PGA's season-ending tournament.

"I don't blame Commissioner Tim Finchem for being upset that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are AWOL from this week's Tour Championship. He is the head of the organization in which both men have risen to the top of their respective games. He is also the pinnacle of the food chain when it comes to "heads rolling" if the PGA Tour doesn't receive enough viewers.
Without golf's two biggest stars, how many people are really watching?" wrote the Solomons.

Several readers had their own thoughts on the situation.

Stars need to respect their fans

I have only watched golf for about 3 years -- since I discovered how Tiger Woods plays golf! I worked almost 40 years and never got to decide when to go to work, nor did I ever make over $100,000 a year!!!! I rather resent rich, famous players not supporting their employers -- fans and the tour. They may see one day that their actions have hurt the game of golf.

If Coca-Cola pulls out of sponsorship, who will pick up the gap? And let's talk about being tired -- try teaching children 8 hours a day if you want to understand tired. Even Tiger can't guarantee millions for players if sponsors and fans think he is thumbing his nose at them!

Doris Pairish

Give them a break

Give these guys a break. Sport doesn't compare to other careers, so we can throw those parallels out of the window, with golf being both physically and mentally draining. And we can't accuse Woods of not respecting the game, seriously. And who'd pay to watch Phil play right now? Not me.

Sandeep Bhatia

With wealth comes freedom

Anyone who makes a million dollars even once (in any profession) can forever after decide what their own schedule will be. That is the freedom that comes with wealth. All of us, if we earned it, would have the same choice, and might not act as high and lofty as the rhetoric of today. Tiger by virtue of moving into #2 of all time deserves respect and a little slack.

I don't know how much of a commitment there was to show up at a particular event ahead of time, but I disagree with the concept of Tiger owing something to the fans. I don't want him to play out of duty; I want him to play his best out of fun. I do want to see him try at No. 1, but my desire does not create an obligation for him. Did he sign something ahead of time saying he would show up, and were there any provisions for bowing out?

I find it odd that complainers complain that Tiger wins so often they don't have a chance to win, and then complain when he gives them a chance to win by not entering. You can't please everyone.


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  • How can they then be in Part 2?

    Allen Briggs wrote on: Aug 20, 2007

    I don't understand how Phil and Tiger can then be in Game 2 of FedEx when it was supposedly part of the rules that only winners in Game 1 moved on to Game 2. And the idea that Tiger "loses" his 100,000 points built up by his victories yet Vijay will still have his 89,000 (?) points plus whatever he wins in game one certainly gives him an unjustified bonus from Tiger's bowing out.
    Of course no one has ever explained all the "rules" of the FedEx complex of games, and it is not explained on their web site that I could find, anyway.
    Do they make up their rules as they go along?