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Media overrates Tiger Woods, says reader

Tiger Woods
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This WorldGolf.com reader is sick of hearing about Tiger Woods and wants to hear more about the other PGA regulars. (Courtesy PGA of America)

In regard to Spencer Hux's blog "Tiger doesn't have a streak, but is still more interesting"

This stuff reminds me so much of the emptyheaded adoration of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, etc. Can't we have a golf publication that is objective, covers all the participants, and/or does not manipulate results.

In Tiger Wood's favor, he does not consider himself to be challenging Byron Nelson's record. However, if (under all of the convulations provided) he doesn't match the record - he can always claim the:

1) Longest winning streak by an African-American male;
2) Longest winning streak by a male with mixed heritage;
3) Longest winning streak by a Nike representative;
4) Longest winning streak by someone who (I hope) attended a class at Stanford University;
5) Longest winning streak by a person who is married to someone born in Europe;
6) Longest winning streak by anyone who's initials are "TW";
7) Longest winning streak by a media darling;
8) Person who benefited most by a crowd of people moving a "boulder" (although his opponents were denied the same rights.

I could be all wrong (At my age, I was an Arnold Palmer defender and perceived Jack Nicklaus as a pretender). But, it appears that the media has created something that doesn't exist.

Tiger Woods is not better than Braid, Morris (take your pick), Hagen, Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, etc. He does have; however, the benefit of the media that can skew perceptions in the hunt for ratings.

None of the professionals on the PGA Tour have come close to accomplishing that which Hogan and his contemporaries did. We get so much spin that I am dizzy.

Can't we, somehow, obtain some sort of coverage of the PGA Tour based upon current accomplishments, that which is going on today - and minimize such things as (never mind, whatever, I can't figure out where journalists gain their spin. Give us real coverage of the 125 professionals who are on the tour - not this hyped-up garbage.

Tulsa, Okla.

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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  • Tiger Woods

    Johnny wrote on: Dec 3, 2009

    This would not have been such a big deal if the media would just let things alone. This is Tiger Woods personal life and no one else's business but nooooooo.. the media feels like everyone should know about it. Tiger just might lose his family thanks to all this negative coverage. He probably could have worked things out with his wife if you idiots would have kept your nose's out of it. This is why so many of us in America hate the media and do not trust you at all. This is not something that should be broadcast all over the world. Just leave this man alone and let him work his personal life out. Tiger, I'm sorry that the media won't leave you alone and my heart goes out to you. You're a wonderful man that is human and make mistakes just like the rest of us. I life a prayer up for you right now and my hope is that you and your wife can work things out regardless of whether all this is true or not and my opinion of you hasn't changed one bit. God bless you during this time in your life.


  • T. Woods

    Wes Fordem wrote on: Jul 6, 2009

    I believe the press and media over-hype and over-rate him because they feel they have to give him extra points and have to help him out no matter what, win or lose.
    I think it's racism at it's most subtle.
    The rest of America can see it and are getting cynical.


  • This place is full of poo-flinging monkeys.

    FU wrote on: Jun 16, 2008

    Ya, tiger is an overrated joke, but tell the savage sub-humans of the world.


  • Tiger Nonsense

    Reasonable American wrote on: Jan 18, 2008

    Tiger is an American who just happens to have had an African ancestor. No hyphens necessary. He is actually mostly Asian. I am proud that an American is the best of the best. All this wrangle about what race Tiger belongs to, and the comments about his “mixed heritage” in the press detract from his accomplishments and the positive example he fosters. That is why he chooses to ignore such nonsense, calling it a “non-issue”. Am I proud that I have an African ancestor too? Yes, I am…but I’m an American…no hyphen necessary.


  • Tiger

    Jack R wrote on: Aug 27, 2007

    In my opinion Tiger has changed golf for the worse and I would really like to think otherwise because I love the game always have.
    His seriousness and competiveness has taken the joy out of the game for me.
    I go back aways - when Nicklaus was challenging Palmer I had the same feeling but in short time I began to like Nicklaus for his attitude he seemed to convey a joy for the game and his mastery over it was something I saw came from the love of the game. He was enamored of his predecessors and gave them the respect they deserved.
    I'd love to have the same respect for Tiger – The crowd that follows Tiger seem to have the same vehement - ‘Win at all cost – beat your opponent’.
    It’s good for winning golf tournaments creating fear and domination in his opponents but not good for the game and for that matter for society in general.
    Take the chip off your back Tiger before someone with courage and a good game steps up confuses you and takes it away your thrown unserendipitously.


  • Mediaoverrates Tiger

    Joseph Dorval wrote on: Aug 5, 2007

    Harold's rant would have been more believable if he had thrown out a few stats instead of just throwing out some names. We will never know how the greats would match up if they all were using the same equipment, and had the generational attitudes towards training and fitness. What the rcords have already proven to any one who can read, write, or listen objectively, is Tiger Woods would definitely be in the statosphere as all of the other greats of the game.


  • Tiger Woods Overrated?

    Eric wrote on: Mar 23, 2007

    When those old guys were playing golf there were less than 10 international players in the field. Now there are over 1/3 International players in the PGA. This says that competition is much better now than then. Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time. Ask Jack Nicholson, he'll tell you. The only argument anti-Tiger people have is modern equipment but we all know courses today dwarf courses of yesterday.


      • RE: Tiger Woods Overrated?

        Lester Hinson wrote on: Mar 26, 2007

        Sure, Eric, that's what I'm going to do, ask Jack Nicholson about golf. "Step - away - from - the - crackpipe!"


  • Teed Off

    George Lyons wrote on: Feb 13, 2007

    you should maybe go hit a bucket full and get it out of your craw; it's really stuck way high up there. Man, you are TEED OFF!!!!!!!!


  • Tiger

    Curt wrote on: Feb 13, 2007

    After reading you letter, I debated as to wheather it
    to respond. My initial impression was this is the rantings of a bitter old man shackled with the chains of racism, but that fact is rather obvious.
    The disturbing fact is that you chose to ignore the multitude of legetimate records that Woods holds.
    When you rant ,such as you have, you do a disservice to all those great golfers before Tiger. You also do harm to yourself by exposing how ignorant you are
    concerning the sport.
    You are obviously so fixated on hating this mixed- race man that the reality of his accomplishments
    totally escapes you.
    If you ever hope to expect people to take you seriously, you should not let them know how
    racist you are. Everthing you say after that fact has been established is useless. You are obviously old enough to remember the old golfers but not old enough to have acquired a bit of oldfashioned common sense along the way.


      • RE: Tiger

        Robert Lusignan wrote on: Feb 14, 2011

        Before the Sony Rankings was the
        McCormak's World ranking (1966-1985). Telling the whole
        world watching golf at this time;
        that Jack Nicklaus from 1966 to 1977
        included,was the # 1 golfer in the world.
        I believe there are a no contest
        to know who is the World # 1 of all time.
        The young broadcasters are ignorants
        and easy to impress by so called # 1
        of todays.
        Best regards,
        Robert Lusignan
        769 Viau
        Canada J5Y 1A4.


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