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Tiger Woods' mental game means he could win with any era's golf equipment

Tiger Woods
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With his superior mental game, many believe Tiger Woods would have won in any era, using any equipment. (Courtesy PGA of America)

Recently the blogosphere has been abuzz with some people believing Tiger Woods would not have dominated had he played in a different era with poorer equipment. It speaks volumes on the greatness of a player when the only way possible to bring him down from the number one position is to contemplate how he would have performed in another era.

While golf equipment plays a major role in the way the game is played but you could use the excuse of modern equipments for players of a lesser pedigree like Bubba Watson and others to wonder whether they would have been playing at the same level had they been handed some of those old canes!

The biggest challenge in golf more than anything else is mental fortitude and that is what Tiger Woods excels at and there is absolutely no doubt about that. This is probably one of the most difficult games to close out and Tiger has an unbelievably brilliant record when he goes into the final round with a lead. With stats like that it is hard to imagine this player being anywhere else but at the top position irrespective of the era in which he plays.

It is his grit, determination and skill that has allowed him to earn the tag of the greatest golfer ever. Modern equipment is hardly an excuse. Of course I would not be surprised if Tiger was handed an old set and asked to compete with the field and he would probably still end up with his arms around the title.

Andy Brown

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