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Blogger shows ignorance about Tiger's deal with Dubai

This is in response to William K. Wolfrum's blog "Tiger Woods design deal with Dubai: Nothing unique about taking loads of money to look the other way".

I would like to thank you for your very professional and unbiased article. Wolfrum, please tell me, have you ever been to Dubai? Have you ever known anyone from Dubai? I guess not. Well, in that case, how can you say that people who were part of September 11 are from the UAE? You mean the passports survived all that fire? And if you follow your news correctly, these passports were then announced fake on the news, even if they survived. Another thing is that what Tiger Woods decides to do with his money, or invest in wherever or whatever he wants is part of his rights.

What Brandon Tucker said in his comment is right, why not say anything about the investments going on in China.

I don't think you have anything to say which can be even put into consideration. Try filling the page with something more useful for golf next time.


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