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Tiger Woods turns blind eye to human rights abuses in Dubai, says reader

Tiger Woods
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A WorldGolf.com reader says Tiger Woods has turned his back on human rights abuses in Dubai in order to earn big bucks. (Courtesy PGA of America)

In response to William K. Wolfrum's blog post "Tiger Woods design deal with Dubai: Nothing unique about taking loads of money to look the other way," I live in Dubai, and agree with the sentiments about Tiger being blinded with "Big Bucks" to look the other way.

Most foreign workers here are paid $3 per day; (yep three U.S. dollars) to work 10 hours in temperatures of [100 degrees and more], then housed 20 per room with a single toilet between 40 workers. They are conned into paying $4,000 to get the job with promises of a decent wage and when they arrive in Dubai they are enslaved - worse than slavery actually - slave owners look after their slaves, the contractors don't care about their workers.

Tiger talks about charities etc etc; but his great great grandfather Doss Douglas must be turning in his grave knowing that his descendent is on the side of the slave matters; who are building a golfing community around his golf course selling villas for $10 million-plus whilst paying the laborers less than $3 per day, and then paying them at least six months late.

No this is not a bad dream; actually it is a bad dream come true for over a million virtual slaves working to build Dubai and the fortunes of their slave masters, of which Tiger Woods is must now be considered one, turning a blind eye is no excuse for human degradation and abuse.

John Smith

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  • Blind Eye to Dubai

    Marjorie Taylor wrote on: May 30, 2008

    I apologise for making some typos in my earlier post. But I was a bit angry at this new attack on Tiger. Look at the players who routinely play in Dubai etc., Ernie, Retief, Adam Scott, majority of the European Tour who in 2009 will be playng for the Race To Dubai - all nationalities. If this is not seen as a blatant attack on Tiger what else could be. Every twitch of Tiger is analyzed. It is time people get objective and give the young man a break! Tiger alone cannot save the world, it takes a team. If a blogger/poster want to think they are superior to Tiger then stop blogging and go out there and top what he is currently doing.
    Thank you!


  • Blind Eye to Dubai Human Rights, etc.

    Marjorie Taylor wrote on: May 30, 2008

    Why this focus on Tiger re Dubai. Tiger goes to play there and is working on a project. The whole European International Tour has a five-year monstor deal with the principalities in Dubai, also has there headquarters there. Recent deals have been made in Britain itself and someone has the never to attach Tiger Woods? This is ridiculous. Can Tiger not be allowed to be a human being. Take the wood out of one's eye before trying to take the mole out of anothers.
    Thank you.


  • Tiger Woods turns blind eye

    L. Johnson wrote on: May 4, 2008

    Just because you say it dosen' make it so. Have you spoken to Tiger Woods did you question him about this subject and get an answer from his lips. No
    It would seem to me that if someone who actually lives and works in Dubai is aware of these issues that you and not a sports figure who may or may not be fully aware of the inner workings of this society should be the one to initate change. Bring the issue to the forefront along with other workers. Use the internet like you just did to accuse someone else of doing nothing , do something and then ask Tiger to join you.
    We all know Tiger is a private man but much of his influence is performed behind the scene. And lets face it in that part of the world the last thing they will respond to is a pushy posturing American publically demanding anything.


  • Tiger Woods Great-Grandfather

    Emily Brown wrote on: May 3, 2008

    I was surprised to see that Doss Douglas was Tiger Woods' great-grandfather. I had never seen where Mr. Woods' geneology had been published. I googled Doss Douglas and found an article in the NY Daily News called the "Decade of Tiger" that did reference Doss Douglas as a great-grandfather. HOWEVER, the great grandfather of Jariah Beard, a 66-year-old caddie they were interviewing for the story. Perhaps the writer of this story should research his facts a little more carefully.


      • RE: Tiger Woods Great-Grandfather

        Lester Hinson wrote on: May 5, 2008

        Emily, are you telling me some guy who wrote a letter to the editor didn't have all the facts straight!? Gasp! I'm shocked!!!!