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TaylorMade Burner driver blows away Nike SQ Sumo2, says WorldGolf.com reader

Taylormade Burner
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WorldGolf.com reader Tom Weston gives a ringing endorsement to the TaylorMade Burner Driver, which he says blows away Nike's Sumo2. (Courtesy TaylorMade)

In regards to the article "WorldGolf.com's "Best of" golf equipment awards 2007: Drivers:" The Taylormade Burner driver blows away the Nike driver in my opinion. The 50 gm shaft gives the average player 10 to 20 more yards off the tee and is far more consistent, again in my humble opinion.

I've tried 'em all, including the new Mizuno MX 560 (yuk) - didn't like the sound off the clubface. The Taylormade Burner sound is like (thwack) - just sounds great. It is the driver of the year for me, and I have turned at least 20 guys onto it. I wish I was on commish.

Tom Weston

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