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LPGA golfers showing skin no problem for this female fan

Sophie Sandolo
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"Shapely bods" like Sophie Sandolo's help attract fans to women's golf, according to reader Molly Dancer. (Courtesy www.sophiesandolo.it)

In response to the story "Female golfers shedding clothes at record pace to ring in 2007 with new calendars":

No one should be pressured to pose in more makeup than clothing to "help the tour," but as long as it's a personal choice, I see nothing wrong with any athlete tastefully displaying a fit and healthy body.

Life isn't fair, and not everyone can be beautiful, but I do think it's a good thing for the sport that more golfers, male and female, look like professional athletes these days.

Those of us who already love women's golf admire the players for their skills, but so what if some new people tune in just to see shapely bods? You can't become a fan unless you have a reason to watch, and the more fans, the more coverage. Let's get the LPGA back on network TV.

--Molly Dancer

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