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With Ryder Cup coming, reader can't resist jabs with golf blogger

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Regarding Clive Agran's blog " Loving and hating the Yanks (and a fervent Ryder Cup wish)":

We shall see what teams are lined up for the Ryder Cup. I'll hold my comments till then. To me, the Ryder Cup is one of the greatest sports events on the planet, and I love it, regardless of which team wins.

Believe me, you're not the only Brit who likes to see us Americans get stuffed in sports. Next to the World Cup, you Brits love nothing more than to beat America at any game, or support those who play against us.

I'm an ex-pat American that works in the Middle East and plays golf with a lot of your countrymen, but I do get my jabs in as well; I take every opportunity to take the piss out of you guys and call football SOCCER, because I refuse to placate to your constant whining and moaning to the contrary. Besides, that's what us Americans have called it ever since its creation. It's the same exact sport, so get over it already.

PS...We have a very good chance of winning Group E and advancing, once we beat Czech Republic. Team USA is the strongest squad it has ever been, and we shall our winning isn't a fluke. No longer is playing against Team USA a cake-walk.

But ... you're entitled to your opinion.
Keep up your great blog, Clive. Best of luck.

Carl Strack

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