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An open letter to Rory Sabbatini: Chilling out could be helpful

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Maybe Rory Sabbatini would be happier if he always ignored the media. (Brandon Tucker/GolfPublisher.com)

An open letter to Rory Sabbatini from a WorldGolf.com reader:


A very famous baseball player was once trashed by the press early on in his career over something he said. He issued a statement saying he was forever done with talking to the press. He kept his word to the end and became one of the most respected guys in the sport, by the fans and by his peers. He made the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I don't know if you could ever do that but it is an alternative.

I was a huge fan of yours when you did what you did to Ben Crane. He is a fine young man also but slow play is slow play. That should have been the issue the press focused on and not how you handled it.

Dave Norby

DeForest, WI

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    Jim Kennedy wrote on: Apr 6, 2008

    Sabbatini said that. Then, when he was playing up to far less than he thinks he can play, and a spectator said something regarding the comment, Sabbatini had the fan tossed off the course.
    I can't stand Sabbatini. If I had my wish, he'd never again finish in the top 50 and he and his attitude, would be gone from the tour soon.