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Michelle Wie and the media: WorldGolf.com readers cast blame

Michelle Wie
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Michelle Wie's current probalems on the course has WorldGolf.com readers wondering who's to blame. (.)

Michelle Wie's struggles on the golf course and with injury have helped keep the teen sensation on the front pages recently. In his recent column "The rise and fall of Nike star Michelle Wie: Time for an inquest, and self examination" WorldGolf.com Editor Jeff White took a look at who was to blame more for Wie's spectacular rise and current descent.

Afterward, WorldGolf.com readers were quick to give their opinions on what has gone wrong for Wie, and who's to blame in the delicate dance between the media and golf.

Maybe there should be a Wie inquest

"I agree with the article for the most part, but must stress the one word in the article title, "inquest." Why does the LPGA Tour let Michelle's father get away with everything he's done. Look at other fathers, in other professional sports, who have been banned from coaching or even from being at events.

And, why not an inquest when she left the Ginn Tribute when in jeopardy of losing her spot on the tour for posting a mega-score. I believe the same would have happened at the U S Women's Open, had she not retired from that event.

I'm just sick of hearing about Michelle, and in seeing the preferential treatment she receives. Who else gets the sponsors exemptions and such, while never winning on the tour. Let's hear more about Lorena, Christie and Paula."

Bob W.

It's her looks, stupid

"Let's face it, she is a very pretty girl and very photogenic! She fits the bill for the media - young,tall, trim, exotic, and talented! You guys are a mark! She obviously still has a wrist injury from when her father stupidly told her to hit off of a cart path. What you dorks need to do is to report more on the Morgan Pressel's and Paula Creamer's of the world, but I guess they just aren't as hot to look as as Wie."

J. Blank

Yes, it's the media's fault

"I agree somewhat with the article and totally with the blame being on the media. The sports media "have" to create superstars because they don't have any stories if people develop normally. They found a high school student who has an amazing talent and tried to make her a mature veteran years before that was even possible. Was she driven by others? Perhaps! But the biggest and most unrelenting ones were the media themselves.

Never mind the injuries that she has suffered trying to live up to the press clippings that media, only interested in the "story", created. Let the lady grow up and go through the struggles that come with professional sports without being held up as a failure if she doesn't match the expectations of someone who doesn't really matter -- the media! She will succeed without them because when it comes right down to it, the media aren't even good enough to carry her golf bag let alone call her a failure!"


Too much too soon?

"Michelle tried to become a "Tiger Woods" instantly. Although she has the talent, she should have continued thru the amateur ranks and and maybe college. She tried to conquer both the the Men & Women Tours before graduating from High School. Was she trying to buy her way on the LPGA, with the help of Nike? I saw here at the 2006 US Open in Newport, RI and have to say, she was impressive in relation to my game."

Jim Coccio

Wie's sponsors and parents deserve blame, too

"Let's not forget Nike & Sony and their part in all of this. They were the oil that made the machine go. Then there are her parents and handlers; they should carry the most guilt. At some point this little girl will have to grow up and make her on decisions. The day that Wie saids she is sorry for all of her past errors and that from now on she will earn her way through hard work and not hype is the day that Wie will become an adult."

Joe Wilson

Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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  • Wie

    mike wright wrote on: Oct 14, 2007

    The answer for Michelle is her body,she is hyperflexible and needs stability. If she doesn't get it she could be the most injured player on the LPGA. Someone help her, and soon. She could be the ladies Tiger if that is what she wants. She just needs the right teacher for her physicality.


  • wie

    Joe wrote on: Aug 20, 2007

    I Like Ms Wie, Probably the money,Media and Nike dont help.Personally i think the LPGA dont NEED her, and she shouldn't try and compete with men until shes at least 75.


  • Michelle Wie

    Richard wrote on: Aug 3, 2007

    Hi ...
    Let's face it, Michelle Wie is a good golfer but hardly the stuff of legends!
    I've watched the US media hype (I'm from Scotland)surrounding Wie, and her corresponding dramatic thrust on to the world golf stage, but her ability to sustain -or even match- the press hype about her so-called 'greatness' is sadly lacking.
    In my opinion, Michelle Wie is an overhyped sensation, soon to be relegated to the bin of anonymity.


  • Michelle Wie

    Ed Carpenter wrote on: Jul 21, 2007

    Sorry, I meant to say playing on the junior circuit nn the the mainland from Hawaii is almost prohibitive! Ed Carpenter


  • Michelle Wie

    Ed Carpenter wrote on: Jul 21, 2007

    Everyone who would turn down $20 million for their teenages 16 birthday, please raise your hands. The cost of playing on the junior circuit is excessive. Playing on this amateur circuit is almost prohibitively costly. Tiger was in at least 4 PGA tournaments before he was 18 and never made the cut. Bring back Gilcrist and dump Leadbeter? Get off Michelle's back the LPGA needs her more than she needs them. She hasn't done anything wrong except trying to play with the men. The macho venum is unbelievable at all levels. I pray she makes it back to her game, but all tne negativity out there you would think she was named Hilton instead of Wie. The girl is brilliant, beautiful, pleasant and just a teenager. Ed Carpenter