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WorldGolf.com readers: Should Tiger Woods have kissed the FedEx Cup?

Tiger Woods
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Did Tiger Woods' true feelings come out when he didn't kiss the new FedEx Cup trophy? (Courtesy PGA of America)

When Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship, PGA Tour Commissioner told Woods at the awards ceremony that the new FedEx Cup trophy had "never been kissed." Tiger held the trophy up for all to see, but declined kissing it.

WorldGolf.com blogger William K. Wolfrum wrote about this in his blog post, "Tim Finchem finds that Tiger Woods is not the kissing kind." Afterward, WorldGolf.com readers were quick to reply about the incident, as well as about Woods and the FedEx Cup.

Tension between Tiger and Finchem

"I felt a certain tension between Tim Finchem and Tiger Woods. Tiger did not seem too overly ecstatic to win. Maybe three weeks in a row (four weeks for everybody else) is a little draining for all of them.

My daughter said right away, hey, Tiger didn't kiss the trophy.

Maybe it is a power struggle between the top players and Finchem?"

Tyler Lemke

Tiger kept his integrity

"I love it! Tiger kept his integrity by not doing what every other first time winner might. The only thing worse would have been for him to hold it over his head like it was the Stanley Cup."

Nolan Matthias

FedEx Cup a turn off

"Yes, Tiger did the right thing by not kissing the trophy and not bowing to this artificial barrage of promotion whose sole purpose is to brainwash people into watching a trumped up cup.

Golf is about tradition, the Majors are the ultimate test and winning tournaments is the only worthwhile goal. Cut the purses by 50% and the players would still play their hearts out to win.

The incessant promotion and Tim Finchem's greed for money has turned me right off this cup."


What did Finchem expect?

"Tiger didn't kiss the trophy. And he didn't do a little soft-shoe dance, either. Damn his uppity ingratitude. Seriously. What did Finchem expect?"


PGA's power struggle

"Tiger & Tim have different agendas as have many of the pros. The golfers want to have more of a say in the organization whose primary purpose is to support golf and the players. A power struggle is either going on or close. Tim and Tiger looked like two condemned prisoners at the presentation."


It wasn't that kissable anyway

"The cup was totally unkissable ... from an aesthetic standpoint."

Patricia Hannigan (Golf Girl's Diary).

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  • How were the new Fedex Cup rules determined?

    Dr. Martha Hunter wrote on: Oct 2, 2009

    I find it rather strange that in three years of play, the Fedex Cup competition rules are still being figured out. What happened to "may the best man win?" It seems to me that someone was so averse to Tiger winning the cup, that new rules were made up to stop him from winning. Many of my friends and I simply quit watching when we saw what was going on. Changing the rules midstream is not only unprofessional but unfair as well. I assure you, the new rules did not make the tournament exciting--- rather, it kept many of us from watching what seemed to us a farce.