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Reader says South Africa still has its problems

Gary Player Country Club
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Beautiful courses like Gary Player Country Club don't capture the true South Africa this WorldGolf.com reader claims. (Courtesy photo)

"I didn't encounter any poor white people there," WorldGolf.com's Brandon Tucker wrote in article "South Africa is the real deal for golf as nation prepares for World Cup in 2010."

Don't be fooled.

I was born and raised in South Africa and lived there until I was 26 years old. I've experienced both the Apartheid and New South Africa eras and both had their ups and downs for both White and Black. I agree that it will take a few generations to establish equality but there are thousands and thousands poor white people in the country.

I just hope that the different races can focus to make the country safer and better to live in in future. My advice, stay out of any downtown city areas at night and always travel in groups. It's a beutiful country with much to enjoy, but right now, I feel a lot safer in the USA.


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  • Problems...

    Wane wrote on: Jul 11, 2012

    What a beautiful world cup SA held Brandon Tucker so so awesome and with no incidents
    SA has come a long long way since you "RAN" away from this beautiful country to USA.
    Tnx Ben Great comment.....


  • wow - thanks

    Ben Karpinski wrote on: Nov 15, 2010

    stay out of downtown areas and travel in groups?
    I think the same could be said for a fair amount of your adopted USA.
    rather focus on trying to say something positive about golf Brandon, leave travel common sense to the general travel guides.