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Reader: TV coverage of LPGA events needs to improve

Michelle Wie
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Reader says it's difficult to find LPGA events on TV (.)

I agree that it's difficult to find television coverage of LPGA events. I've mentioned in a couple of blogs here my thoughts on that. It needs to be better for the LPGA to truly grow.

Personally, I see CNBC or another large cable market as a viable option for weekend coverage, but what do I know? I don't know what they are looking at as far as television, and considering what we have seen of the coverage this year, perhaps neither do they.

I don't see the the major networks picking them up full time, not only because of PGA coverage that's already been committed to, but other sports as well. I follow the PGA closely because I know I can see it live all the time. But I am a lifelong golf fan, and that includes the LPGA.

Some would call me a relic on here, but I have been watching pro golf since the 60s. Granted, the coverage of all golf has gotten a lot better since that time, but the LPGA needs better coverage.

For one, you see more of the top echelon of the LPGA players playing much more often than you see of the top men playing on the men's tour. I've been fortunate enough to attend a couple of LPGA events: the old skins tournament when it was at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, Texas, and the Samsung World Championship when it was at the Woodlands, in Houston, a couple of years ago.

Those ladies can play. And they are much more fan friendly than their PGA counterparts. I've been to PGA events in Houston and New Orleans. True, there is a different skill level, especially in distance, but the LPGA is a great product. They need to find a better way to give us a chance to view it every weekend, live not taped.

Randy Hebert

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  • LPGA TV coverage must improve

    Jon E. Basberg wrote on: Apr 26, 2009

    How can we accept that some few TV companies make it difficult / impossible to watch Ladies Golf on TV?
    This is totally unacceptable.


      • RE: LPGA TV coverage must improve

        Rich wrote on: Sep 13, 2012

        LPGA coverage is in severe need of improvement. We want to watch full swings not putting, trees waving in the breeze and players standing around with their caddies.
        VERY IMPORTANTLY QUIT talking through shots. Too often, way too often, an announcer (JUDY) starts somelong slow boring story that ends up lasting through 2 or 3 players while they are playing their shots. Set up the shot and then shut up!!! and let us play the shot with them. I love to watch the ladies, they play much more like me and most male golfers, but the present coverage is turning us away.