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Reader thinks racism in golf is overblown by media

Golfweek noose
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Reader Lee Hileman writes that he believes the recent racial controversies in golf have been mainly media generated. (.)

I thought your story ["GolfWeek's noose cover the latest attempt to prove golf elitest and racist"] showed just how out of touch that you are with the general public. Most of the media, you included, wants to turn every little sentence into some kind of statement on racism. Does racism exist? Yes, but not everything said is racist.

Many people other than blacks were lynched, and it began eons before slavery of blacks in the United States. Lynching was a common method of justice in the old West. If the person has the talent to play on tour, they play.

You, the media, also use examples of Augusta National Golf Club as proof of racism, but you seem to forget that millions of white people can't become members of Augusta National. There are many minorities that play on the different tours but the media seems to want to play the race card anytime there seems to be more white players than others.

Hey, get a clue, minority means fewer than the majority. This is America and Caucasians are the majority! It seems only logical that more whites will play! I guess that if the blacks don't dominate a sport in numbers then it must be racist.

Most of the general public realizes this, but you seem to have your own agenda and to hell with anything bordering on reasonable.

To quote a famous saying, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!"

Lee Hileman
by e-mail

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  • Racism in Golf

    Kennith wrote on: Feb 14, 2011

    Yes, the media blows things out of proportion. Yes, sometimes a cigar is a cigar, but also sometimes if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. Look at the recent news with Tiger Woods and spitting. He was fined for spitting at a golf match. I have seen Baseball players shoot snot out of their nose and people not bat an eye (all pun intended). But, Mr. Woods is being uncouth by spitting on the grass. Wow, help me to understand (in logical non-emotional terms) why I should not view this as proof of rasicsm?


  • ???

    Miss N wrote on: Aug 30, 2008

    so you would say that banning people from a course purely based on their RACE is not infact RACIST? wow.....:| americans....so...clever ....(Not).


  • sorry i spelled racism wrong

    big d wrote on: May 10, 2008

    i only thought illiterate fools like you would do that


  • raciam

    big d wrote on: May 10, 2008

    i retract my bad language towards you david duke, i mean, mr. hileman
    i will no longer call you names but post your name on central califonia target sheets in the region instead
    btw... did you know how many americans fought racists in WWII and died and got injured...rent band of brothers, dude


  • wow

    John H wrote on: Feb 24, 2008

    Hileman... Now i truly know you are an ignorant person


  • Hileman & Racism in golf

    Hector Anthony wrote on: Feb 23, 2008

    Mr. Hileman tries to come off as a thinking, no nonesense kind of guy. I realize your website gives readers a chance to expound their views, no matter how ludicrous. There was an exclusionary rule (caucasians only) in the PGA during my lifetime. But his statement about many people other than blacks being lynched in the United States eons ago, shows his true bias. He has the nerve to mention in the same breath that lynching was a common method of justice??!! No other race suffered lynching (in the United States)to the extent that blacks did in THIS CENTURY, up until the early 1960s. That wasn't eons ago Mr. Hileman and the majority of those killings had nothing to do with justice! They were just racist murders -- simple and tragic as that!
    Hector Anthony


  • Racism in Golf

    Michael Branche wrote on: Feb 11, 2008

    What do the names Rafe Botts, Pete Brown, Charlie Sifford, Bill Spiller, and Ted Rhodes mean to you? Anything?
    Golf has a terrible record in regard to racism in America, especially they had a “Caucasian Only” rule in effect, and in writing in their by-laws until 1961.
    In the year 2008, it still is insensitive to joke about race in golf.


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